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  1. Essential Reading 3 items
    1. Intelligent kindness: reforming the culture of healthcare - John Ballatt, Campling, Penelope, EBSCOhost ebook collection ©2011

      Book Essential

    2. Essentials of nursing practice / edited by Catherine Delves-Yates. - Delves-Yates, Catherine.

      Book Essential

  2. Recommended Reading 11 items
    1. Introducing health psychology / Hymie Anisman. - Anisman, Hymie,

      Book Recommended

    2. The emotional labour of nursing revisited: can nurses still care? - Pam Smith, Pam Smith, dawsonera 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    3. People skills / Neil Thompson. - Thompson, Neil,

      Book Recommended

    4. People skills - Neil Thompson, dawsonera 2015 (electronic resource)


    5. Compassion in Nursing: Theory, Evidence and Practice/ edited by Alistair Hewison, Yvonne Sawbridge (Palgrave)


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  3. Journals 1 item
  4. Grey Literature 5 items
    1. Updated NHS Constitution (2015)

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