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  1. Reading for the module 16 items
    1. There are a number of good research methods textbooks that would be appropriate for this module. Some are listed below. We would urge you to buy one of these at least to ensure you have access to one for the whole period of study as you will need a reference book again for your research. Some of the material in the module will relate to specific book chapters, and it is therefore advisable to read the relevant chapter (or a similar chapter from an alternative text) when you are directed to.

    2. The foundations of research - Jonathan Grix 2010

      Book Essential

    3. Doing practitioner research - Mark Fox, Gill Green, Peter Martin 2007


    4. Doing practitioner research - Mark Fox, Gill Green, Peter J. Martin, EBSCOhost ebook collection 2007 (electronic resource)


    5. Real world research: a resource for users of social research methods in applied settings - Colin Robson 2011


    6. Researching health: qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods - Mike Saks, Judy Allsop 2007


    7. An introduction to health services research - Dawn-Marie Walker 2014


    8. There are also a number of very good text books relating to data analysis. As you will be practising using both qualitative and quantitative techniques we have recommended one of each type of text book below. Both have been chosen for those new to data analysis so that you won't feel completely out of your depth when you start reading. However, they both cover the subjects in detail and can also be used by those of you that are more experienced in data analysis.

    9. Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics - Andy P. Field c2013


    10. Qualitative methods for health research - Judith Green, Nicki Thorogood 2009


    11. Finally, we would like to recommend a text which is specifically aimed at writing a literature review.

    12. Systematic approaches to a successful literature review - Andrew Booth, Diana Papaioannou, Anthea Sutton c2012

      Book Essential Companion Website

    13. Other useful references


      There is a vast literature about research methods that by its nature has a tendency to be somewhat specialist, but you will need to become familiar with some of it.


      Many useful resources are freely available online; in addition to this, as a registered student you can access a wide range of databases and journals via the University library. Information about how you can do this when you are off-campus is available from the library webpages. We recommend that you browse through recent copies of journals relevant to your field of study on a regular basis.


       Further readings, most of which are available online, are recommended in the individual lessons within each Topic.

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