This list relates to the year 2016/17 which ended on 30/09/2017
This list has been archived
  1. This list shows reading for 2015/16. A newer list is not currently available

  2. Essential: 5 items
    1. Please refer to current referencing guidelines

    2. Undergraduate student handbook - School of Health and Social Care

      Document Essential

    3. An up to date anatomy and physiology book of your choice, for example

    4. Ross and Wilson anatomy and physiology in health and illness - Anne Waugh, Allison Grant, Janet S. Ross 2011

      Book Essential

    5. Ross and Wilson anatomy & physiology in health and illness - Anne Waugh, Allison Grant, Graeme Chambers, Janet S. Ross 2014 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

  3. Recommended 3 items
    1. A current evidence based book of your choice to support the underpinning knowledge required to care for an individual, for example

    2. Fundamentals of nursing: concepts, process and practice - Barbara Kozier 2008

      Book Recommended

    3. Foundation skills for caring: using student-centred learning - Edward Alan Glasper, Gillian McEwing, Jim Richardson 2009

      Book Recommended

  4. Journals 4 items
    1. A variety of journals may be accessed including for example:

  5. Electronic 3 items
    1. Electronic resources can be accessed through

    2. *The site addresses are correct at the time of submission but are subject to change. 

      Please see MOODLE for all other online and suggested reading.

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