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  1. Reading 15 items
    1. There will also be additional resources on the University e-learning platform Moodle

    2. A beginner's guide to evidence-based practice in health and social care - Helen Aveyard, Pam Sharp, dawsonera 2013 (electronic resource)

      Book Essential

    3. Understanding research for nursing students - Peter Ellis, dawsonera 2010 (electronic resource)

      Book  This is an older edition of the book

    4. The research process in nursing - dawsonera 2015 (electronic resource)


    5. Making sense of research in nursing, health & social carePam Moule. - Hek, Gill.Moule, Pam.

      Book Essential

    6. There are many healthcare research textbooks avaliable on the market. It is recommended that you have access to a general research textbook to make reference to while studying on this module.

  2. Journals 6 items
  3. Electronic Resources 11 items
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