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  1. Essential 4 items
    1. Principles of athletic training: a competency-based approach - William E. Prentice 2014

      Book Essential This is a good book and if money is tight (as it always is) then this is one to buy! It was my go to book as a student...

    2. Team physician manual: International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) - Lyle J. Micheli, International Federation of Sports Medicine 2013


    3. Athletic taping and bracing - David H. Perrin ©2012


    4. The psychology of sport injury and rehabilitation - Monna Arvinen-Barrow, Natalie Walker 2013


  2. Recommended 2 items
    1. Essentials of athletic injury management - William E. Prentice 2013


  3. Journals 15 items
  4. iPhone, Android & iPad Apps 8 items
    1. SportsInjuryClinic on the App Store on iTunes

      Webpage  Great little app! full of useful info... Use it as a learning tool when you have a spare 5 mins and test yourself to help reinforce your memory.

  5. Web Resources 14 items
    1. Sports injuries - Treatment - NHS Choices

      Webpage  NHS resource for Sports Injury. Scroll to the bottom of the page for specific injuries. A nice, simple evidence based resource to direct patients towards for relevant injury information.

    2. Sports Training | Sport Fitness

      Website  You have to register your email address and you'll get lots of spam for this site but it's got some interesting info on it that comes in handy from time to time...

    3. Rehabilitation exercises for sports injuries |

      Website  Great site to supplement your learning. There's also a free app for your Smartphone so you can browse and test yourself when you have a free moment...

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