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  1. Week 30 8 items
    1. Seminar 1: : Safeguarding Vulnerable children 4 items
      1. Southend, Essex, Thurrock, Safeguarding And Child Protection Procedures

        Document Essential The whole document should be read. However, for seminars read Sections: 1, 2, 5. 7 and 8.

      2. The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report

        Document  The material available within the Munro Review, while directed to children’s services, also contains much of importance to the practice of safeguarding in general. The principles will be relevant to both weeks addressing Safeguarding

    2. Seminar 2: Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults 4 items
      1. Good practice in safeguarding adults : working effectively in adult protection / edited by Jacki Pritchard.

        Book  Read Chapter: Fitzgerald, G. ‘No secrets, safeguarding adults and adult protection’

      2. SCIE Resources for Social Care

        Webpage  SCIE Resources for Social Care – see link for materials on Safeguarding Adults and the Social Care Act 2014

  2. Week 31 5 items
    1. Seminar 1: Physical Punishment and Touch 3 items
      1. Loving, hating, and survival : a handbook for all who work with troubled children and young people / edited by Andrew Hardwick and Judith Woodhead.

        Book  Read Chapter: ‘Residential staff should not touch children’: can we really look after children in this way?’ by Adrian Ward

    2. Seminar 2: Human Rights 2 items
      1. European Convention on Human Rights

        Document  Read up to Article 18. Also see Article 2 on p. 32 on the Right to Education which is fundamental to many of our students in schools.

      2. Human Rights Act 1998

        Document  Please read page 16 to 20 as numbered on the document.

  3. Week 32 3 items
    1. Seminar 1: Physical Restraint 2 items
    2. Seminar 2: Whistleblowing 1 item
      1. PAS 1998:2008 Whistleblowing Arrangements Code of Practice

        Webpage  This is available to download for free online from British Standards Institution website

  4. Week 33 4 items
    1. Seminar 1: Racism and mental health 2 items
    2. Seminar 2: SCIE Resources for Social Care Professionals and Competency Frameworks 2 items
      1. SCIE resources and services

        Webpage  This link is for the Social Care Institute for Social Excellence Directory of videos and other resources on all issues related to social care

  5. Week 34 2 items
    1. Seminar 1: Ethical Framework 1 item
    2. Seminar 2 1 item
      1. Factual quiz (on the coursework)


        Preparation for the assignment.


        Review of the module

  6. Suggested Reading 5 items
    1. Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

      Webpage  SCIE Resources for Social Care - Resources Directory

    2. Therapeutic Community Core Competencies Framework by Chris Nicholson

      Webpage  Visit this to download the Competency Framework and watch the presentation.

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