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  1. Text Books 10 items
    1. Glossary of Periodontal Terms./ American Academy of Periodontology. (2001) 4th edition.


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    2. Carranza's clinical periodontology - dawsonera 2014 (electronic resource)


  2. Research Papers and Reviews 11 items
    1. Histologic probe position in treated and untreated human periodontal tissues - Clifford Fowler, Steve Garrett, Max Crigger, Jan Egelberg 1982


    2. Periodontal Regeneration: Clinical Applications In Periodontal Therapy: Clinical Applications and Evidence of Success/ Nevins, M. (1998)


      This book is being ordered, check the Southend books catalogue.


    3. Cigarette Smoking and the Periodontal Patient - Georgia. K. Johnson, Margaret Hill 2004


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