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  2. Essential Reading 1 item
  3. Recommended Reading 9 items
    1. Communication skills in child protection: how do social workers talk to parents? - Donald Forrester, Sophie Kershaw, Helen Moss, Laura Hughes 2007

      Article Essential

    2. A first look at communication theory. - Griffin, Emory A.

      Book Recommended

    3. Skilled interpersonal communication: research, theory and practice - Owen Hargie, dawsonera 2017 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

    4. Communication in social work / Joyce Lishman. - Lishman, Joyce.

      Book Recommended

    5. People skills / Neil Thompson. - Thompson, Neil,


    6. People skills - Neil Thompson, dawsonera 2015 (electronic resource)

      Book Recommended

  4. Journals 3 items
  5. Electronic Resources 5 items
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    1. The Social Work Toolkit

      Website  The Social Work Toolkit offers a suite of peer-reviewed and interactive resources designed primarily to help support your students whilst they are away on placement. It includes chapters from our best-selling social work titles and newly commissioned material such as videos and quick guides. The Social Work Toolkit’s resources are kept up-to-date and mapped alongside the Professional Capabilities Framework to meet the new standards in Social Work education and teaching. The Social Work Toolkit can be used by students, practices educators and staff alike.

    2. A First Look at Communication Theory

      Webpage  This is an online companion to a First Look at Communication Theory

    3. - Student Study Site for Interpersonal Communication: Building Connections Together

      Audio-visual document  This is an online compantion to Interpersonal Communication: Building Connections Together

    4. Interpersonal Communication - Oxford Bibliographies

      Webpage  This is an entry for Interpersonal Communication in the Oxford bibliographies

    5. Social Care Institute for Excellence- Resources

      Webpage  This provides learning and development resources

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