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3D Graphics ST199 Module
3D Modelling and Texturing ST260 Module
Academic Skills and Practice ST281 Module
Action Research Project ST327 Module
Addictive Behaviours ST120 Module
Advanced Crime Scene Analysis ST272 Module
Advanced Design Applications ST168 Module
Advanced Ensemble Studies ST217 Module
Advanced Fitness Industry Experience ST298 Module
Advanced Planning for Fitness ST309 Module
Advanced Research ST106 Module
Advanced Research Techniques in Sport and Exercise ST310 Module
Advocacy and Empowerment in Multi Disciplinary Contexts ST232 Module
Analysing Sports Performance ST299 Module
Anatomy and Physiology of Sport and Exercise ST319 Module
Anatomy, Physiology and Post Mortem Processes ST273 Module
Application of Ideas ST193 Module
Applied Exercise Physiology ST311 Module
Applied Sports Psychology ST300 Module
Applying the Social Sciences to Special Needs ST244 Module
Art Fundementals for Animation ST131 Module
Business Environment ST330 Module
Business Environment ST113 Module
Business Finance ST107 Module
Business Planning and Marketing ST114 Module
Business Planning and Marketing ST331 Module
Business Practice ST218 Module
Business Research and Quantitative Techniques ST115 Module
Business Research and Quantitative Techniques ST332 Module
Business Strategy ST100 Module
Business Technology ST108 Module
Case Study ST238 Module
Character Performance ST132 Module
Cinema Studies ST177 Module
Cinematography ST178 Module
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ST335 Module
Collaborative Performance and Composition ST209 Module
Comparative Studies of Sport in Society ST301 Module
Composition and Theory ST210 Module
Computer Games Management ST252 Module
Concept Development ST133 Module
Concept Development ST179 Module
Contemporary Issues in Criminology ST274 Module
Contemporary Photographic Practice ST226 Module
Contextual Studies ST181 Module
Contextual Studies ST261 Module
Contextual Studies ST135 Module
Continuing Personal and Professional Development ST233 Module
Corporate Governance ST101 Module
Corporate Identity and Branding ST200 Module
Counselling and Philosophy ST121 Module
Counselling in Practice ST122 Module
Creative Industry Practitioners ST219 Module
Creative Pattern Cutting and Construction ST169 Module
Crime Scene Investigation ST282 Module
Criminal Justice Systems and Criminal Investigation ST275 Module
Criminological Research Methods ST276 Module
Critical Thought ST286 Module
Cross-Cultural Counselling ST336 Module
Cultural Context ST170 Module
Cultural Contexts and Dissertation Proposal ST201 Module
Cultural Studies ST227 Module
Culture and Difference ST287 Module
Current Legislation and Policy Frameworks Significant for Specific Needs ST245 Module
Curriculum Language ST145 Module
Curriculum Maths ST146 Module
Curriculum Science ST147 Module
Curriculum Studies ST152 Module
Cyber Crime and Society ST277 Module
Developing and Delivering Learning Support Programmes ST239 Module
Developing Resources for Inclusive Practice ST328 Module
Developing the Effective Learner ST153 Module
Developing the Effective Learner ST293 Module
Developing the Effective Learner in Special Needs ST246 Module
Developmental Psychology ST288 Module
Digital and Social Media Marketing ST102 Module
Digital Forensics and It Law ST278 Module
Digital Title Sequencing ST173 Module
Directing and Editing ST180 Module
Diss: (Early Years Education) ST139 Module
Dissertation ST222 Module
Dissertation ST123 Module
Dissertation ST205 Module
Dissertation ST211 Module
Dissertation ST264 Module
Dissertation ST194 Module
Dissertation ST164 Module
Dissertation ST234 Module
Dissertation ST302 Module
Dissertation ST185 Module
Dissertation Preparation ST220 Module
Dissertation Project ST253 Module
Dissertation Project ST174 Module
Dissertation Project ST127 Module
Effective Working Practices ST247 Module
Encountering the Abused and Abuser ST124 Module
Entrepreneurship ST109 Module
Environmentally Sustainable Business ST110 Module
Exercise for Specialised Populations ST312 Module
Exercise Psychology ST313 Module
Exercise, Health and Nutrition ST320 Module
Experimental Design Solutions ST202 Module
Exploring Creative Techniques and Applications in Counselling ST337 Module
Fashion Illustration ST171 Module
Feminist Therapy and Counselling ST338 Module
Final Creative Output ST195 Module
Final Creative Project ST160 Module
Final Major Project ST128 Module
Final Major Project ST254 Module
Final Major Project ST223 Module
Final Major Project Development ST129 Module
Final Major Project Development ST176 Module
Final Major Project Development ST255 Module
Final Major Project: Exhibition ST186 Module
Final Major Project: Fashion Design ST165 Module
Final Major Project: Film and Television ST175 Module
Final Major Project: Interior Design ST206 Module
Final Major Project: Research and Formative Development ST187 Module
Final Major Project: Studio Practice ST188 Module
Final Year Project ST303 Module
Fitness Industry Experience ST314 Module
Fitness to Practice 2 ST339 Module
Forensic Anthropology ST266 Module
Forensic Archeology ST265 Module
Forensic Psychology ST267 Module
Foundation Subject Studies ST140 Module
Fundamentals of Sport and Exercise Psychology ST321 Module
Fundamentals of Sports Coaching ST322 Module
Games Animations ST256 Module
Games Level Design ST257 Module
Gender Crime and Criminal Justice ST268 Module
Growth and Development ST154 Module
Hate Crimes and Genocide ST269 Module
Health Assessment and Exercise Rehabilitation ST304 Module
Historical and Sociological Aspects of Sport ST315 Module
Human Growth and Development ST248 Module
Ideas Factory ST136 Module
Ideas Factory ST182 Module
Identifying and Supporting Individual Needs ST240 Module
Individual Project ST103 Module
Industry Led Brief ST196 Module
Industry Preparation ST212 Module
Instrumental and Group Tuition ST221 Module
Interpersonal and Communication Skills ST155 Module
Introduction to Business Law ST116 Module
Introduction to Criminology ST283 Module
Introduction to Critical Thinking ST294 Module
Introduction to Finance ST333 Module
Introduction to Finance ST117 Module
Introduction to Forensic Science ST284 Module
Introduction to Policing ST285 Module
Introduction to Psychology ST295 Module
Introduction to Research ST156 Module
Introduction to Research in Special Education ST249 Module
Introduction to Social Research ST296 Module
Introduction to Sociology ST297 Module
Introduction to Specific Needs ST250 Module
Learning in the Early Years ST157 Module
Logistics and Supply Chain Management ST118 Module
Loss and Attachment ST125 Module
Management and Organisational Structures ST141 Module
Managing People ST334 Module
Managing People ST119 Module
Marketing and the Regulatory Environment ST111 Module
Mobile Game Development ST258 Module
Model Making and Detailing ST207 Module
Music and Sound for Film ST213 Module
Narrative Animation ST134 Module
New Music Composition ST214 Module
Nutrition for Sport and Fitness ST305 Module
Operations Management ST104 Module
Organisational Behaviour ST112 Module
Pedagogy ST148 Module
Personal Development ST270 Module
Personal Marketing Stategy ST161 Module
Physical Education Within the Community ST316 Module
Planning and Leading Outdoor Activities ST306 Module
Planning Fitness and Training ST323 Module
Policy, Provision and Legislation ST158 Module
Practical Project ST215 Module
Practice and Innovation in Supporting Specific Needs ST235 Module
Practice and Procedure in Workplace Settings ST251 Module
Principles of Fraud ST105 Module
Principles of Learning and Assessment ST236 Module
Prisons, Probation and Offender Rehabilitation ST279 Module
Production ST137 Module
Production ST183 Module
Professional and Cultural Development ST259 Module
Professional Development ST130 Module
Professional Development and Portfolio ST224 Module
Professional Graduate Studies ST149 Module
Professional Practice ST166 Module
Professional Practice ST162 Module
Professional Practice ST228 Module
Professional Practice ST208 Module
Professional Practice ST189 Module
Professional Practice ST142 Module
Professional Promotion 2 ST197 Module
Professional Promotion and Industry Research 1 ST203 Module
Professional Studies ST229 Module
Programming ST262 Module
Promotional Imagery ST225 Module
Protection and Vulnerability ST237 Module
Psychological Perspectives on Children's Behaviour ST143 Module
Research Methodologies and Dissertation Proposal ST230 Module
Research Methodologies: Fine Art ST190 Module
Research Methods ST241 Module
Research Methods and Dissertation Proposal ST172 Module
Research Methods for Early Years Education ST150 Module
Research Methods in Sport and Exercise ST324 Module
Research Skills in Special Education ST242 Module
Research Techniques in Counselling ST340 Module
Researching Early Years Settings ST151 Module
Researching Fabric Sourcing ST167 Module
Self Directed Study ST198 Module
Serious and Serial Offenders ST280 Module
Session Musicianship ST216 Module
Site Specific Artwork ST191 Module
Social Policy ST289 Module
Social Psychology ST290 Module
Social Research Methods ST291 Module
Social Science Applied to Early Years ST159 Module
Social Structures and Social Policies ST292 Module
Sociology of Sport and Exercise ST325 Module
Sound and Vision ST231 Module
Sourcing External Information ST163 Module
Special Education Needs ST144 Module
Specific Learning Needs ST243 Module
Sports and Event Management ST317 Module
Sports Development ST307 Module
Strength and Conditioning ST308 Module
Studio Practice: Fine Art ST192 Module
Teaching and Coaching Methods ST318 Module
Terrorism, Security and Political Violence ST271 Module
Theories and Principles in Pedagogy ST326 Module
Transactional Analysis Model ST341 Module
Typography II ST204 Module
Visual Storytelling ST138 Module
Visual Storytelling ST184 Module
Visual Storytelling ST263 Module
Wider Professional Practice ST329 Module
Working with Lgbt Issues ST126 Module

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