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After Impressionism: European Art From Van Gogh to Klimt AR216 Module
Ancient Philosophy PY431 Module
Art and Ideas AR113 Module
Art and Ideas Ii: More Art, More Ideas - Critique and Historiography in the History of Art AR220 Module
Art and Ideas III AR323 Module
Art and Ideas: I AR119 Module
Art and Power AR223 Module
Art History and Theory - Completion AR998 Module
Art History and Theory - Research AR999 Module
Art in Latin America AR219 Module
Art Revolutions AR121 Module
Art, the Law and the Market AR343 Module
Becoming Modern: European Art From Futurism to Surrealism AR217 Module
Beyond the Ba: Skills for the Next Step CS712 Module
Capitalism and its Critics PY429 Module
Collect, Curate, Display: a Short History of the Museum AR117 Module
Collecting Art From Latin America AR915 Module
Colonialism to Revolution: Power and Politics in Latin America CS143 Module
Community Engagement: Group Projects CS300 Module
Contemporary Art: 1980 to the Present AR312 Module
Contemporary Challenges in Latin America CS141 Module
Contemporary Critical Theory PY948 Module
Contemporary Political Philosophy PY413 Module
Crisis of the American Idea CS261 Module
Critical Reasoning PY114 Module
Critique and Curating AR941 Module
Curating Thesis AR996 Module
Curation Dissertation AR987 Module
Curatorial Project AR347 Module
Current Research in Art History AR940 Module
Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism CS301 Module
Death, God and the Meaning of Life PY113 Module
Democracy in Action CS316 Module
Digital Heritage CS901 Module
Digital Heritage and Museums AR229 Module
Dissertation - Final Year Art History and Theory AR382 Module
Dissertation - Ma Schemes AR981 Module
Dissertation: Continental Philosophy PY981 Module
Dissertation: Critical Social Theory PY983 Module
Dissertation: Ma Philosophy PY984 Module
Dissertation: Philosophy and Art History PY985 Module
Doing Interdisciplinary Research for a Ba Dissertation: Approaches, Methods, Practice CS241 Module
Environmental Philosophy PY911 Module
Ethics PY408 Module
Exhibition (Joint Project) AR953 Module
Exhibition and Portfolio AR952 Module
Feminism PY453 Module
Final Project PY955 Module
Final Project: Draft Journal Article PY980 Module
Final Project: Writing Art History AR980 Module
Final Year Dissertation CS831 Module
Final Year Dissertation Project AR383 Module
Frankfurt School PY952 Module
Global Challenges in Interdisciplinary Perspective: Water Conflicts, Water Cultures CS315 Module
Heritage and Human Rights AR959 Module
Heritage Project AR354 Module
Individual Project AR958 Module
Interdisciplinary Ma Dissertation CS900 Module
Introduction to Heritage Studies AR123 Module
Introduction to Philosophy PY111 Module
Inventing the Future: Early Contemporary 1945-1980 AR346 Module
Kant's Revolution in Philosophy PY500 Module
Kierkegaard PY946 Module
Kierkegaard PY402 Module
Knowledge and Reality PY400 Module
Ma Writing Workshop PY951 Module
Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture CS101 Module
Modern Social and Political Thought PY437 Module
Museum Activism: Art, Politics, Cultural Work and Policy AR942 Module
Narrativity, Truth and Flourishing PY404 Module
Navigating the Digital World CS220 Module
Phenomenology and Existentialism PY454 Module
Philosophy - Completion PY998 Module
Philosophy - Research PY999 Module
Philosophy and Aesthetics PY954 Module
Philosophy and Medical Ethics PY428 Module
Philosophy and Religion PY407 Module
Philosophy Capstone Module PY455 Module
Philosophy Dissertation PY426 Module
Philosophy of Mind PY418 Module
Photography in History AR321 Module
Picturing the City I AR207 Module
Picturing the City II AR222 Module
Placement Year CS703 Module
Practical Curatorial Project AR997 Module
Practical Skills for Curatorial Work AR912 Module
Preparing for Your Professional Placement (Provisional) AR946 Module
Professional Placement AR988 Module
Reading Texts From the History of Philosophy PY436 Module
Skills for University Studies CS711 Module
Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability and Community Action CS200 Module
Space, Place and Locality AR120 Module
Study Trip Abroad (Final Year) AR342 Module
Study Trip Abroad (Year 2) AR224 Module
Texts in Contemporary Philosophy PY439 Module
Texts in Practical Philosophy PY434 Module
Topics in Analytic Philosophy PY430 Module
Topics in Art History AR938 Module
Topics in Contemporary Philosophy PY950 Module
Topics in the Philosophy of Religion PY427 Module
Undergraduate Moodle Information AR101 Module
Undergraduate Moodle Information PY101 Module
Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Film, New Media, Software and the Internet AR322 Module
Work-Based Project PY986 Module
Work-Based Project AR982 Module
World in Question: the Social, Cultural, Political & Environmental Legacies of the Enlightenment CS201 Module
World Transformed: the Enlightenment and its Critics CS111 Module
Writing and Researching Art History AR122 Module

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