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"Believing Is Seeing". the Power of Belief and Suggestion on the Mind and Brain PS508 Module
Abnormal Psychology PS504 Module
Advanced Brain and Behaviour PS943 Module
Advanced Cognitive Development PS917 Module
Advanced Developmental Cognitive Neuropsychology PS907 Module
Advanced Developmental Disorders and Exceptional Talent: Neuropsychology, Neuroscience and Cognition PS936 Module
Advanced Developmental Psychology PS931 Module
Advanced Employability Skills and Career Progression PS492 Module
Advanced Memory, Attention and Language PS922 Module
Advanced Personality and Individual Differences PS945 Module
Advanced Reading Development and Dyslexia PS926 Module
Advanced Seeing and Hearing PS921 Module
Advanced Social Psychology PS923 Module
Advanced Sound of Speech and Music PS932 Module
Advanced Statistics for Research PS947 Module
Ageing: Mind, Brain, and Behaviour PS503 Module
Animal Behaviour PS489 Module
Applied Psychology PS118 Module
Basic Computer Skills for Psychologists PS119 Module
Body, Senses and Existence PS502 Module
Brain and Behaviour PS411 Module
Clinical Neuroscience PS928 Module
Cognitive Development PS482 Module
Cognitive Neuropsychology PS950 Module
Cognitive Neuropsychology PS481 Module
Cognitive Neuropsychology of Language PS918 Module
Cognitive Psychology I PS414 Module
Cognitive Psychology II PS415 Module
Connectionist Modelling PS904 Module
Consciousness and the Bodily Self PS501 Module
Critical Literature Review PS925 Module
Cultural Psychology PS497 Module
Culture and Psychology PS486 Module
Decision Making Science in Theory and Practice PS512 Module
Developmental Disorders and Exceptional Talents: Neuropsychology, Neuroscience and Cognition PS494 Module
Developmental Psychology PS406 Module
Discovering Psychology: the Science Behind Human Behaviour PS111 Module
Emotion PS487 Module
Enhancing Employability and Career Planning PS417 Module
Evolution and Behaviour PS490 Module
Fundamental Statistics for Research PS946 Module
Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Neuropsychology PS901 Module
History of Psychology PS479 Module
Human Sexuality PS498 Module
Immunology and Health PS505 Module
Intelligent Behaviour PS452 Module
Introduction to Personal Development and Employability PS117 Module
Judgement and Decision Making PS475 Module
Making Connections: How Children Develop PS507 Module
Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience PS929 Module
MSc Psychology Research Project PS900 Module
Neurocognition of Human Interaction PS935 Module
Neuropsychology of Memory PS902 Module
Neuropsychology of Perception and Attention PS903 Module
Neuroscience of Human Nature PS495 Module
Numerical Methods for Cognitive Neuroscience PS930 Module
Numerical Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience PS948 Module
Personality and Individual Differences PS416 Module
Placement Year PS418 Module
Positive Psychology: the Science of Well-Being PS510 Module
Preparing for University Psychology PS116 Module
Psychology - Completion PS998 Module
Psychology - Research PS999 Module
Psychology At Work and in the Real World PS937 Module
Psychology of Depression PS477 Module
Psychology Project PS300 Module
Quantitative Data Analysis PS910 Module
Reading Development and Dyslexia PS484 Module
Research Experience PS944 Module
Research Management PS912 Module
Research Methods and Statistics in Cognitive Neuropsychology PS914 Module
Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology PS908 Module
Research Methods in Psychology PS114 Module
Research Project (Msc) PS934 Module
Science of Seeing PS506 Module
Science of Uncertainty PS509 Module
Social Cognition PS483 Module
Social Psychology PS407 Module
Social Voice PS500 Module
Social Voice (Advanced) PS942 Module
Sound of Speech and Music PS454 Module
Special Topics in Individual Differences and Developmental Psychology PS938 Module
Special Topics in Neuroscience and Neuropsychology PS939 Module
Special Topics in Perception and Cognition PS940 Module
Special Topics in Social Psychology PS933 Module
Statistics for Psychologists PS115 Module
Statistics for Psychologists, 2nd Year PS212 Module
Theories and Systems of Psychotherapy PS493 Module
Theory and Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology PS949 Module
Thinking and Individual Differences PS413 Module
Topics in Human Memory PS491 Module
Transit Maps: Past, Present & Future PS499 Module
Understanding Psychological Data PS488 Module
Visual Attention: From Lab to Life (Advanced) PS941 Module
What's Love Got to Do with It? Understanding Romantic Relationships. PS511 Module
Work-Based Project PS980 Module

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