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Accredited Prior Learning (30 Credits, Level 4) PA711 Module
Advanced Clinical Practice PA809 Module
Advanced Counselling Theory and Practice PA964 Module
Advanced Jungian and Post-Jungian Approaches PA402 Module
Advanced Practice-Based Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice PA239 Module
Advanced Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice PA224 Module
Advanced Work-Based Learning PA214 Module
Applications of Research to Psychodynamic Practice PA965 Module
Assignment and Research Writing for Psychoanalytic Studies PA130 Module
Child, Adolescent and Adult Development PA125 Module
Childhood Inc.: Disney and the Globalization of Childhood PA334 Module
Childhood Wellbeing: Play, Socialisation and Resilience PA331 Module
Children'S Emotional Worlds PA949 Module
Clinical and Critical: Contemporary Dialogues in Psychoanalytic Theory PA935 Module
Consulting to Organisations: Depth Psychology Approaches PA872 Module
Contexts of Refugee Experience PA931 Module
Counselling Contexts PA215 Module
Counselling Relationship PA236 Module
Counselling Relationship and Counselling Techniques PA256 Module
Counselling Skills for Therapeutic Work PA210 Module
Counselling Skills with Children and Adolescents - Theory PA228 Module
Critical Analysis of Psychodynamic Theory and Practice PA121 Module
Critical Debates in Childhood and Childhood Studies PA943 Module
Current Debates in Psychosocial Studies PA407 Module
Developing Leadership Practice PA933 Module
Developing Skills for Business Leadership PA925 Module
Developmental Trauma, Autism and Adhd PA233 Module
Different Approaches PA966 Module
Dissertation PA254 Module
Dissertation PA987 Module
Dissertation (Adult) PA985 Module
Dissertation (Child) PA984 Module
Dissertation (Childhood Studies) PA333 Module
Dissertation - Childhood Studies PA945 Module
Dissertation - Ma Refugee Care PA982 Module
Dissertation: Gender and Sexuality Studies PA994 Module
Dream, Myth, and Magic PA241 Module
Experiencing Organisations: Reflexivity and Analysis PA910 Module
Freud Online PA701 Module
Freud: Mind, Culture and Society PA208 Module
Geographies of Childhood and Youth PA946 Module
Group and Organisational Dynamics for Counsellors PA257 Module
Group Relations and Professional Life PA133 Module
Infant Observation PA232 Module
Introduction to Childhood Studies PA140 Module
Introduction to Counselling PA131 Module
Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies PA991 Module
Introduction to Practice-Based Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice PA128 Module
Introduction to Psychodynamic Concepts PA237 Module
Introduction to Psychodynamic Observation and Reflective Practice PA124 Module
Jung in Contexts: Historical, Philosophical, Cultural PA972 Module
Key Concepts in Jungian and Post-Jungian Analytical Psychology PA973 Module
Key Texts of C G Jung PA971 Module
Lacanian Psychoanalysis PA405 Module
Leadership: Concepts and Frameworks PA934 Module
Literature Review PA804 Module
Long Essay PA213 Module
Ma Dissertation PA981 Module
Mentoring and Supervision PA212 Module
Non-Psychodynamic Approaches to Practice PA700 Module
Observation Skills for Counselling PA132 Module
Organisational Dynamics PA211 Module
Organisational Dynamics - Theory PA229 Module
Personal Development PA967 Module
Personal Development PA221 Module
Personality Development PA218 Module
Perspectives in Child Development PA141 Module
Placement Based Observation Skills and Reflective Practice PA142 Module
Placement Year PA500 Module
Placements in Refugee Care PA938 Module
Popular Film, Literature and Television: a Psychoanalytic Approach (Freud and Jung) PA108 Module
Pre-Sessional Module on Basic Jungian Concepts PA702 Module
Preparing for My Future PA325 Module
Professional Development 1 PA968 Module
Professional Development 2 PA969 Module
Professional Practice in Careers with Children PA230 Module
Psychic Life of Gender: Explorations in the Case Study PA936 Module
Psychoanalysis and the Child PA403 Module
Psychoanalysis and the Psychosocial PA942 Module
Psychoanalysis of Groups and Organisations PA927 Module
Psychoanalysis: Controversies and Contexts PA976 Module
Psychoanalytic Epistemology PA928 Module
Psychoanalytic Methodology PA990 Module
Psychoanalytic Studies - Completion PA995 Module
Psychoanalytic Studies - Research PA999 Module
Psychoanalytic Theory PA901 Module
Psychoanalytic Theory: Freud and Object Relations PA401 Module
Psychodynamic Concepts PA217 Module
Psychodynamic Observation for Counsellors PA216 Module
Psychodynamic Theory and Practice 1 PA961 Module
Psychodynamic Theory and Practice 2 PA963 Module
Psychosocial Imagination PA134 Module
Psychosocial Perspectives on Human Rights PA932 Module
Queering Childhood PA947 Module
Readiness for Placement PA410 Module
Reading Freud PA941 Module
Reflective Practice PA409 Module
Reflective Practice and Professional Development PA250 Module
Refugee Voices and Narratives PA238 Module
Relational Childhoods PA948 Module
Research Methodologies and Research Design PA805 Module
Research Processes PA808 Module
Research Proposal PA806 Module
Research Skills and Methods in Depth Psychology PA915 Module
Research with Children and Young People PA944 Module
Safeguarding and Ethical Practice PA235 Module
Selected Applications of Analytical Psychology PA974 Module
Social History of Childhood PA234 Module
Teaching and Learning with Children: a Psychosocial Approach PA332 Module
Theory, Practice and Responsibility PA119 Module
Theory, Practice and Responsibility (Adult) PA319 Module
Therapeutic Care for Refugees PA937 Module
Therapeutic Practice PA408 Module
Therapeutic Practice and Responsibility: Statutory Frameworks PA126 Module
Therapeutic Work in Groups PA129 Module
Thesis PA800 Module
Thinking Psychoanalytically PA977 Module
Topics in Critical Race and Transnational Feminisms PA993 Module
Trauma and Recovery: a Psychodynamic Approach PA223 Module
Unconscious: Analytical Psychology, Culture and Society - Jung PA209 Module
Understanding Individuals Groups and Organisations : an Introduction to Psychodynamic Concepts PA123 Module
Violence and Containment: a Psychosocial Approach to Physical and Psychological Violence PA225 Module
Wild Things: Literature, Childhood, Psychoanalysis PA231 Module
Work Based Learning PA621 Module
Work-Based Learning 1 PA120 Module
Work-Based Learning 2 PA220 Module
Work-Based Learning for Therapeutic Care PA227 Module
Work-Based Project PA986 Module
Working with Children with Additional Needs and Their Families Using the Maze Approach PA940 Module

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