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Abstract Algebra MA204 Module
Advanced Capstone Project: Actuarial Science, Data Science or Mathematics MA930 Module
Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems MA307 Module
Analytical Mechanics MA222 Module
Applied Mathematics MA105 Module
Applied Statistics MA321 Module
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Applications MA336 Module
Bayesian Computational Statistics MA322 Module
Calculus MA101 Module
Capstone Project: Data Science and Analytics MA838 Module
Capstone Project: Mathematics MA830 Module
Capstone Project: Mathematics MA829 Module
Capstone Project: Mathematics MA831 Module
Combinatorial Optimisation MA306 Module
Commutative Algebra MA316 Module
Complex Variables and Applications MA302 Module
Contingencies I MA212 Module
Contingencies II MA312 Module
Cryptography and Codes MA315 Module
Data Analysis and Statistics with R MA334 Module
Data Visualisation MA304 Module
Databases and Data Processing with Sql MA332 Module
Discrete Mathematics MA181 Module
Dissertation MA981 Module
Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning MA338 Module
Finance and Financial Reporting MA211 Module
Financial Derivatives MA320 Module
Financial Mathematics MA226 Module
Foundational Mathematics for Data Science MA111 Module
Graph Theory MA314 Module
Group Theory MA301 Module
Linear Algebra MA201 Module
Mathematical and Computational Modelling MA185 Module
Mathematical Sciences - Completion MA998 Module
Mathematical Skills MA125 Module
Mathematics - Research MA999 Module
Mathematics Careers and Employability MA199 Module
Mathematics of Portfolios MA311 Module
Matrices and Complex Numbers MA114 Module
Modelling Experimental and Observational Data MA335 Module
Modelling Experimental Data MA317 Module
Network Analysis MA214 Module
Nonlinear Programming MA305 Module
Number Theory MA220 Module
Numerical Methods MA209 Module
Optimisation (Linear Programming) MA205 Module
Ordinary Differential Equations MA202 Module
Partial Differential Equations MA323 Module
Placement Year MA100 Module
Professional Placement MA911 Module
Programming and Text Analytics with R MA331 Module
Quantum Mechanics MA225 Module
Real Analysis 1 MA203 Module
Real Analysis II MA213 Module
Research Methods MA902 Module
Statistical Methods MA318 Module
Statistics I MA108 Module
Statistics II MA200 Module
Stochastic Processes MA319 Module
Survival Analysis MA216 Module
Vector Calculus MA210 Module

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MA829/MA830/MA831: Capstone Projects by Jesús Martínez García 2021/22 16/09/2021 11:41:15