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Acute Crises and Displacement LW807 Module
Banking Law LW224 Module
Business and Human Rights LW922 Module
Career Management and Personal Development Skills I LW111 Module
Career Management and Personal Development Skills II LW211 Module
Carriage of Goods By Sea LW604 Module
Clinical Legal Education (Law Placement) LW237 Module
Commercial Conflict of Laws LW966 Module
Commercial Contract Law LW242 Module
Company Law LW225 Module
Competition Law LW343 Module
Competition Law LW702 Module
Conflict and the United Nations: the Law Related to the Use of Force, Sanctions and Peacekeeping LW806 Module
Consumer Contract Law LW241 Module
Contemporary Challenges in Economic, Social and Cultural Rights LW930 Module
Contemporary Issues in Commercial and Business Law LW663 Module
Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: Law, Policy and Practice LW349 Module
Contract Law LW101 Module
Copyright and Trade Mark Law LW363 Module
Corporate Responsibility and Business Law LW941 Module
Corporate Responsibility and the Environment LW928 Module
Criminal Law LW104 Module
Criminology LW354 Module
Current Challenges in the Law of Armed Conflict LW804 Module
Current Issues in Public Law LW209 Module
Dissertation LW900 Module
Dissertation Preparation LW790 Module
Dissertation: Llm International Commercial and Business Law LW760 Module
Dissertation: Llm International Law LW985 Module
Dissertation: Llm International Trade Law LW600 Module
Dissertation: Llm Maritime Law LW770 Module
Employment Law and Practice LW251 Module
Equity and Trusts LW202 Module
European Convention on Human Rights I LW911 Module
European Union Company Law LW720 Module
Family Law LW214 Module
Final Year Research Project LW304 Module
Foundation Essay LW617 Module
Foundations of Property Law LW109 Module
Foundations of Public Law LW103 Module
Foundations of the Law of Obligations LW108 Module
French Administrative Law LW206 Module
French Constitutional Law LW106 Module
French Private Law I LW112 Module
French Private Law II LW208 Module
Gender, Peace, Security and the Law LW938 Module
Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence LW937 Module
Human Rights and Development LW915 Module
Human Rights and Women LW918 Module
Human Rights for Corporate and Commercial Lawyers LW946 Module
Industry Placement LW811 Module
International Commercial Dispute Resolution I LW605 Module
International Criminal Law LW805 Module
International Environmental Law LW356 Module
International Financial Law LW621 Module
International Human Rights Law: Law and Practice LW901 Module
International Human Rights: Theories and Institutions LW924 Module
International Law of Armed Conflict LW803 Module
International Law of the Sea LW622 Module
International Law: Foundation Essay LW531 Module
International Sale of Goods LW603 Module
International Trade and Maritime Law LW624 Module
International Trade Finance Law LW601 Module
International Trade Law LW327 Module
Introduction to Public International Law LW218 Module
Introduction to the Law of the European Union LW430 Module
Investment, Environment and Human Rights LW917 Module
Jurisprudence LW301 Module
Land Law LW303 Module
Law - Completion LW996 Module
Law - Research LW999 Module
Law of Evidence LW316 Module
Law of the European Union LW302 Module
Law Placement Year LW400 Module
Legal Advice Case Work LW250 Module
Legal Ethics and Justice LW352 Module
Legal Research LW360 Module
Legal Research and the English Legal System LW513 Module
Legal Research Skills LW254 Module
Legal Skills LW105 Module
Licence: Year 3 LW490 Module
License LW495 Module
Marine Insurance I LW619 Module
Maritime Law and Wet Shipping LW620 Module
Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in Africa LW919 Module
Protection of Human Rights in Armed Conflict and Situations of Acute Crisis LW808 Module
Protection of Human Rights in the UK LW244 Module
Public International Law LW902 Module
Regional Human Rights Systems LW515 Module
Selected Issues in Public International Law LW219 Module
Tort Law LW201 Module
Transitional Justice LW927 Module

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Death Penalty Mitigation Clinic 2021/22 30/10/2021 11:26:54
Law Reform Project - Essex Law Clinic 2021/22 25/05/2021 14:57:05