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Name Code Type
(See La221) LA222 Module
(See La421) LA422 Module
(See La621) LA622 Module
Adult Language Development and Processing LG116 Module
Advanced Consecutive Interpreting LA892 Module
Advanced French LA140 Module
Advanced German LA240 Module
Advanced Interpreting Skills LA894 Module
Advanced Interpreting with Technologies LA897 Module
Advanced Italian LA640 Module
Advanced Phonology LG404 Module
Advanced Portuguese LA340 Module
Advanced Simultaneous Interpreting LA896 Module
Advanced Spanish LA440 Module
African Languages LG360 Module
American Languages LG448 Module
Analysing Language in Society: Research Methods LG554 Module
Approaches to Language in Society LG532 Module
Arabic Beginners 1 LX896 Module
Arabic Beginners 2 LX897 Module
Assignment Writing and Dissertation Preparation LG592 Module
Audiovisual Translation LA876 Module
Bilateral Interpreting LA888 Module
Brazil in Focus: Business, Culture and Society LA347 Module
British Sign Language Beginners 1 LX396 Module
Ca II - Media and Institutional Talk LG489 Module
Careers and Employability Skills for Languages and Linguistics LA099 Module
Child Language Development LG115 Module
Chinese Beginners 1 LX996 Module
Chinese Beginners 2 LX997 Module
Computer Assisted Language Learning LG478 Module
Consecutive Interpreting LA887 Module
Consecutive Interpreting I LA882 Module
Contemporary Spanish Language and Culture LA467 Module
Conversation and Social Interaction LG484 Module
Description of Language for TEFL/ELT and Applied Linguistics LG512 Module
Design Thinking in Translation Practice LA890 Module
Developmental Language Disorders LG465 Module
Directed Classroom Observation LG337 Module
Dissertation LA899 Module
Dissertation (Research) LG994 Module
English Around the World LG653 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Advanced SK506 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Beginner SK501 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Elementary SK502 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Ielts Preparation SK510 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Intermediate SK504 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Lower Intermediate SK503 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Social English SK507 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Teaching Practice SK500 Module
English Classes for the Dependants of International Students: Upper Intermediate SK505 Module
English in the British Isles LG553 Module
English Intonation LG357 Module
English Language in the Media LG222 Module
English Phonology LG604 Module
English Syntax LG606 Module
Experimental Analysis LG533 Module
Exploring Second Language Vocabulary Instruction LG328 Module
First Language Acquisition LG420 Module
Foundations of Teaching English as a Foreign Language I LG117 Module
French Beginners 1 LX196 Module
French Beginners 2 LX197 Module
French Cinema and Culture LA157 Module
French Portfolio LX191 Module
French Portfolio LX192 Module
French Portfolio LX193 Module
French Professional Skills LA147 Module
From the Caves to Modern Graffiti: a Visual History of the Spanish Language LA447 Module
German Beginners 1 LX296 Module
German Beginners 2 LX297 Module
German Language Portfolio LX292 Module
German Portfolio LX293 Module
German Portfolio LX291 Module
German Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling Skills LA267 Module
Graduate Research Assignment LG699 Module
Grammatical Change in the History of English LG344 Module
Higher Intermediate French LA130 Module
Higher Intermediate German LA230 Module
Higher Intermediate Italian LA630 Module
Higher Intermediate Spanish LA430 Module
History of English LG353 Module
Home From Home: Influential German Expatriates in Great Britain - Past and Present LA257 Module
Individual Differences in L2 Learning LG513 Module
Initial Chinese Mandarin LA910 Module
Initial French LA110 Module
Initial German LA210 Module
Initial Italian LA610 Module
Initial Spanish LA410 Module
Initial Teaching Practice LG666 Module
Intensive Initial French 1 LA121 Module
Intensive Initial French 2 LA122 Module
Intensive Initial German (Double Module) LA221 Module
Intensive Initial Italian (Double Module) LA621 Module
Intensive Initial Spanish (Double Module) LA421 Module
Intercultural Communication: Communicating Across Languages and Cultures LG624 Module
Interpreting Practice I (French) LA813 Module
Interpreting Practice I (German) LA823 Module
Interpreting Practice I (Italian) LA863 Module
Interpreting Practice I (Portuguese) LA833 Module
Interpreting Practice I (Spanish) LA843 Module
Interpreting Practice II (French) LA814 Module
Interpreting Practice II (German) LA824 Module
Interpreting Practice II (Italian) LA864 Module
Interpreting Practice II (Portuguese) LA834 Module
Interpreting Practice II (Spanish) LA844 Module
Introduction to Bilateral Interpreting LA884 Module
Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting LA885 Module
Introduction to TEFL Methodology LG665 Module
Italian Dissertation LA669 Module
Italian Project LA659 Module
Italian Translation Interpreting and Subtitling Skills LA667 Module
Japanese Beginners 1 LX696 Module
Japanese Beginners 2 LX697 Module
La Dolce Italia: a Journey Across Enduring Italian Traditions LA647 Module
Language and Gender LG220 Module
Language and Human Rights LG674 Module
Language and the Mind LG358 Module
Language Attrition LG507 Module
Language Development Throughout the Lifespan LG214 Module
Language Dissertation LA069 Module
Language Expert 1 LA041 Module
Language Expert 2 LA042 Module
Language Expert 3 LA051 Module
Language in Context: From Pragmatics to Conversation Analysis LG621 Module
Language in Society LG114 Module
Language Learning and Teaching LG522 Module
Language Rights LG474 Module
Language Studies Dissertation LA059 Module
Language Teaching in Different Contexts LG329 Module
Linguistic Description of English LG352 Module
Linguistics - Completion LG995 Module
Linguistics Work Placement Year LG088 Module
Linguistics: Research LG999 Module
Literature and Language Teaching LG490 Module
Lower Intermediate French LA120 Module
Lower Intermediate German LA220 Module
Lower Intermediate Italian LA620 Module
Lower Intermediate Mandarin Chinese LA920 Module
Lower Intermediate Spanish LA420 Module
Ma Dissertation LG981 Module
Ma Dissertation for 24 Month Programmes LG984 Module
Mastery Level French LA160 Module
Mastery Level German LA260 Module
Mastery Level Italian LA660 Module
Mastery Level Portuguese LA360 Module
Mastery Level Spanish LA460 Module
Materials Design and Evaluation LG546 Module
Modular Award La LA999 Module
Morphology LG472 Module
Multilingualism LG219 Module
Nature and Nurture in Second Language Acquisition LG338 Module
Nature, Nurture and Age in Second Language Acquisition LG438 Module
Phonetics LG217 Module
Phonetics LG415 Module
Phonological Development LG421 Module
Phonology LG210 Module
Phonology LG620 Module
Portuguese Project LA359 Module
Portuguese Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling Skills LA367 Module
Principles and Practice of Writing in the L2 LA872 Module
Principles of Translation and Interpreting LA871 Module
Professional Development for Research Students LG595 Module
Professional Placement LA077 Module
Proficiency Level French LA150 Module
Proficiency Level German LA250 Module
Proficiency Level Italian LA650 Module
Proficiency Level Portuguese LA350 Module
Proficiency Level Spanish LA450 Module
Project: Linguistics LG831 Module
Psycholinguistics LG215 Module
Quantitative Analysis Skills LG300 Module
Reflective Practitioner LG656 Module
Research Methods for Language and Linguistics LG213 Module
Research Methods I LG575 Module
Research Methods II LG675 Module
Role of Age in Bilingual Development LG638 Module
Russian Beginners 1 LX596 Module
Russian Beginners 2 LX597 Module
Second Language Learning LG216 Module
Second Language Vocabulary: Learning, Teaching and Use LG428 Module
Semantics LG476 Module
Semantics and Pragmatics LG211 Module
Sentence Processing LG462 Module
Sight Translation LA883 Module
Simultaneous Interpreting LA893 Module
Sociolinguistics LG218 Module
Sounds LG110 Module
Spanish / Italian / Romanian to Portuguese Conversion LA333 Module
Spanish and Latin American Art, Film and Music LA457 Module
Spanish Beginners 1 LX496 Module
Spanish Beginners 2 LX497 Module
Spanish Dissertation LA469 Module
Spanish Language Portfolio LX492 Module
Spanish Portfolio LX491 Module
Spanish Portfolio LX494 Module
Spanish Portfolio LX493 Module
Spanish Project LA459 Module
Specialised Translation LA895 Module
Study and Work Placement Year LA088 Module
Subtitling: Principles and Practice LA874 Module
Syntactic Theory I LG514 Module
Syntactic Theory II LG614 Module
Syntax LG212 Module
Teaching and Learning Grammar LG636 Module
Teaching Practice I LG521 Module
Teaching Practice II LG655 Module
Teaching, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening LG622 Module
Technologies of Translation LA873 Module
Technologies of Translation II and Post Editing LA875 Module
Theories of Second Language Acquisition LG503 Module
Theory and Practice in English Language Teaching LG667 Module
Three Countries One Language - Austria, Switzerland and Germany LA247 Module
Topics in Morphosyntax LG672 Module
Topics in the Psychology of Language Learning and Teaching LG429 Module
Translanguaging and Multilingual Interactions LG361 Module
Translation Portfolio LA881 Module
Translation Portfolio I (Arabic) LA851 Module
Translation Portfolio I (French) LA811 Module
Translation Portfolio I (German) LA821 Module
Translation Portfolio I (Italian) LA861 Module
Translation Portfolio I (Portuguese) LA831 Module
Translation Portfolio I (Spanish) LA841 Module
Translation Portfolio II (Arabic) LA852 Module
Translation Portfolio II (French) LA812 Module
Translation Portfolio II (German) LA822 Module
Translation Portfolio II (Italian) LA862 Module
Translation Portfolio II (Portuguese) LA832 Module
Translation Portfolio II (Spanish) LA842 Module
Translation with Localisation and Transcreation LA891 Module
Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling Skills LA167 Module
Translation, Interpreting and Subtitling Skills LA067 Module
Understanding Data in Linguistics LG113 Module
Variation in Arabic I LG516 Module
Variation in English I LG453 Module
Variationist Sociolinguistic Analysis Methods LG221 Module
Varieties of English LG355 Module
Words and Sentences LG111 Module
Work Placement Abroad Year LA078 Module
Work-Based Project LA898 Module
World Language Structures LG359 Module
Writing in the L2 LA886 Module
Year Abroad Module: Linguistics LL310 Module
Year Abroad Project LA068 Module

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