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"Votes for Women!": Life and Work for Women in Twentieth Century Britain (Public History Module) HR213 Module
20th Century America Between the Wars HR387 Module
a Global History of Food, C.1400 - C.1750 HR925 Module
a Printed Culture? the Global Business of Books Since 1700 HR383 Module
Advanced Research Project HR932 Module
Afro-American Heritage: Post-Emancipation Societies in Latin America HR915 Module
America in the World HR293 Module
American Consumer Society 1865-Present HR287 Module
Approaches to Cultural and Social History HR924 Module
Approaches to History HR211 Module
Approaches to War, Culture and Society HR962 Module
Archives and Power HR949 Module
Becoming a Historian HR101 Module
Becoming Modern: Women, Gender and Sexuality in 20th Century United States History HR388 Module
Between Protection and Control: Policing Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries HR296 Module
Big Brother State? Surveillance of the Citizen in England 1500-2000 HR232 Module
Black Women in U.S. History HR647 Module
Bombing the City: Air Raids and Civilians in the Second World War HR969 Module
Britain'S Second World War: Mass Observation, Myth and Memory HR308 Module
British Empire in the Indian Ocean World, 1780-1930 HR385 Module
China: the Long Twentieth Century HR226 Module
Choosing Your Past: How to Design and Manage a Research Project HR231 Module
Cold War and the Remaking of British Citizenship, 1945-89 HR945 Module
Common People: British Social History 1830-1914 HR352 Module
Consensus Britain? the State and the People, 1945-79 HR255 Module
Crime and Punishment: England in Comparative Perspective 1650-1900 HR353 Module
Dictators and Politics in Latin America: From Bolivar to Chavez HR260 Module
Die Hard: Martyrdom in Britain, 1300-2014 HR946 Module
Dissertation HR931 Module
Early Modern Households Project HR650 Module
English Revolution HR321 Module
Europe Transformed: 1450-1750 HR111 Module
Exhibiting Nations and Empires: Exhibitions in Comparative Perspective HR376 Module
Fictions of Empire HR371 Module
From Liberation to the Tiananmen Massacre: China From Mao to Deng Xiaoping, 1949-1992 HR645 Module
From Stalin to Putin HR356 Module
From Welfare State to Brexit: Politics, Democracy, and the People in Britain, 1945-2020 HR257 Module
Gender and Identity in Early Modern Europe C.1450-C.1750 HR922 Module
Gender in Early Modern England HR215 Module
Great American Experiment HR162 Module
Henry VIII and His Reign HR366 Module
Hidden Histories: Class, Gender and the Rise of British Democracy HR103 Module
History - Completion HR994 Module
History - Research HR999 Module
History in Schools HR221 Module
History Works: Career Portfolio HR510 Module
History, Power, and Identity HR930 Module
Human Rights in Historical Perspective HR291 Module
Illness and Culture in 18Th-And 19Th-Century Europe HR909 Module
Imagining China: From the 13th Century to the Post-War Era HR218 Module
Labour and Life: Work in Pre-Industrial Britain HR648 Module
Lessons From the First Information Technology Revolution (1300-1600) HR392 Module
Life in the Three Kingdoms: Societies and Cultures in Early Modern Britain and Ireland HR251 Module
London 1500-1700: Reformation, Wealth and Destruction HR349 Module
Making History, Sharing History: Sources, Methods, and Audiences for Historical Research HR935 Module
Making of Consumer Culture: Britain 1780-1960 HR929 Module
Making of Modern Brazil HR220 Module
Making of the Modern World Since 1750 HR100 Module
Maritime Life in the Age of Sail HR329 Module
Medicine and Society in Britain and France 1700-1860 HR283 Module
Metropolis: Urban Germany 1900-1945 HR390 Module
Multicultural Britain: a History HR205 Module
Multicultural Britain: a History HR102 Module
Museums, Memorials and Memories: Europe as a Site of War Memory HR963 Module
Narcotic Culture: a History of Drugs (From the Sixteenth to the Twenty First Century) HR948 Module
Oral History and Life Stories: Research Skills for Historians and Sociologists HR217 Module
Our Voices, Our Pasts, Our Histories: Oral History in Practice HR679 Module
Pain: a Short History HR350 Module
Pandemics: Lessons From History HR230 Module
Parish Chest and Beyond: Sources for Local and Regional History, 1500 to the Present HR919 Module
Past in Hiding: Legacies of War, Holocaust, Occupation and Collaboration in Post-1945 Europe HR943 Module
People and Power: a History of Democracy in Modern Europe HR106 Module
People's War: Making the Home Front in Britain, 1939-1945 HR386 Module
Placement Year HR701 Module
Popular Rebellions in Early Modern Western Europe HR612 Module
Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-69) HR646 Module
Print and the Construction of Knowledge Since the Fifteenth Century HR942 Module
Public History Module: History in Museums HR222 Module
Public History Workshop HR921 Module
Race and Class in the United States, South Africa and Britain: Select Topics HR903 Module
Reconstructing Family, Residence, Work and Communal Life in Victorian England HR285 Module
Research Project HR831 Module
Resistance and Rebellion in the World of Atlantic Slavery HR229 Module
Resisting Empire HR104 Module
Revolutionary Encounters: China and the World, 1780-1930 HR233 Module
Russia in Europe From Ivan the Terrible to the Great War HR299 Module
Russian Revolution 1905-1924 HR619 Module
Self, Society and Stigma: Psychological Health in Twentieth-Century Britain HR261 Module
Sex, War and Class At the Movies: 1930-1960 HR270 Module
Slavery and Plantation Societies in Latin America HR374 Module
Social and Cultural History of the First World War HR214 Module
South Africa: the Road to Apartheid HR294 Module
Supernatural and Natural Worlds in Early Modern Europe HR250 Module
Themes in Global History HR105 Module
Third Reich HR630 Module
Thirty Years War (1618-1648): a Military, Social and Cultural History HR259 Module
Transatlantic Slave Trade HR649 Module
Tudors and Stuarts on Film HR370 Module
United States and the Vietnam War HR394 Module
Unquiet Pasts: Controversies of Twentieth-Century Britain HR651 Module
Urban Britain: Towns and Cities From Medieval to Modern HR248 Module
Uses of Space in Early Modern History HR960 Module
War and Memory in Modern Europe HR284 Module
War and Memory: Remembering, Commemorating, and Contesting the Past HR970 Module
War and Slavery in the Atlantic World HR968 Module
War and Society in South Africa and Britain: the Great Colonial War and its Impact HR373 Module
War on the Mind: Historical Perspectives on Trauma HR967 Module
Witch-Trials in Early Modern Europe and New England HR282 Module
Witches, Witchcraft and Witch-Hunts in Early Modern Europe and New England HR628 Module
Work-Based Project HR900 Module

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