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Advanced Research Project HR932 Module
Approaches to History HR211 Module
Approaches to War, Culture and Society HR962 Module
Archives and Power HR949 Module
Becoming a Historian HR101 Module
Britain'S Second World War: Mass Observation, Myth and Memory HR308 Module
Choosing Your Past: How to Design and Manage a Research Project HR231 Module
Common People: History From Below in Britain 1830-1914 HR352 Module
Dissertation HR931 Module
Europe Transformed: 1450-1750 HR111 Module
Fictions of Empire HR371 Module
Gender and Identity in Early Modern Europe C.1450-C.1750 HR922 Module
Gender in Early Modern England HR215 Module
Great American Experiment HR162 Module
Henry VIII and His Reign HR366 Module
History - Completion HR994 Module
History - Research HR999 Module
History Works: Career Portfolio HR510 Module
History, Power, and Identity HR930 Module
Life in the Three Kingdoms: Societies and Cultures in Early Modern Britain and Ireland HR251 Module
London 1500-1700: Reformation, Wealth and Destruction HR349 Module
Making History, Sharing History: Sources, Methods, and Audiences for Historical Research HR935 Module
Making of Modern Brazil HR220 Module
Making of the Modern World Since 1750 HR100 Module
Multicultural Britain: a History HR205 Module
Our Voices, Our Pasts, Our Histories: Oral History in Practice HR679 Module
Pandemics: Lessons From History HR230 Module
People and Power: a History of Democracy in Modern Europe HR106 Module
Placement Year HR701 Module
Public History Module: History in Museums HR222 Module
Race and Class in the United States, South Africa and Britain: Select Topics HR903 Module
Research Project HR831 Module
Resistance and Rebellion in the World of Atlantic Slavery HR229 Module
Resisting Empire HR104 Module
Rethinking History: Approaches, Theories and Concepts HR924 Module
Russian Revolution 1905-1924 HR619 Module
Sex, War and Class At the Movies: 1930-1960 HR270 Module
Slavery and Plantation Societies in Latin America HR374 Module
Social and Cultural History of the First World War HR214 Module
Unquiet Pasts: Controversies of Twentieth-Century Britain HR651 Module
War and Memory: Remembering, Commemorating, and Contesting the Past HR970 Module
War and Slavery in the Atlantic World HR968 Module
War on the Mind: Historical Perspectives on Trauma HR967 Module
Witches, Witchcraft and Witch-Hunts in Early Modern Europe and New England HR628 Module
Work-Based Project HR900 Module

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