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Advanced Quantitative Political Analysis GV300 Module
Advanced Research Methods GV903 Module
American Elections, Polarization, (In)Equality, and Presidents GV261 Module
American Political Institutions GV369 Module
Analysis of Conflict and Peace GV508 Module
Applied Qualitative Methods and Field Research in Political Science GV209 Module
Applied Research Design GV915 Module
Authoritarianism GV313 Module
British Government GV204 Module
Career Portfolio GV711 Module
Chulalongkorn University Year 3 GV440 Module
Chulalongkorn University Year 4 GV441 Module
Co-Operation and Conflict GV113 Module
Comparative European Politics GV952 Module
Concepts and Measurements in Comparative Political Research GV922 Module
Conflict Analysis GV217 Module
Conflict Resolution GV906 Module
Corruption GV317 Module
Data for Social Data Science GV918 Module
Democracy and the Media GV374 Module
Democracy, Dictatorship and Regime Change GV384 Module
Democracy, Violence, and Inequality in Latin America GV510 Module
Development, N.G.Os and Foreign Aid GV216 Module
Discourse, Morality and Power GV252 Module
Doctoral Research Seminar in Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties GV975 Module
Doctoral Research Seminar in International Relations GV970 Module
Doctoral Research Seminar in Political Economy GV971 Module
Domestic Environmental Politics GV591 Module
Domestic Politics and International Relations GV312 Module
Electoral Behaviour GV303 Module
Essex Challenge Project GV830 Module
Essex Summer School Module 30 Credits GV612 Module
Essex Summer School Module 30 Credits GV613 Module
Ethics and Public Policy GV254 Module
European Union: Institutions and Policies GV271 Module
Foundations of Public Policy GV923 Module
From Cradle to Grave: Social Justice in Childhood, Adulthood, and Death GV538 Module
Fundamentals of Social Data Science GV222 Module
Games, Strategy and Politics GV210 Module
Gender and Armed Conflict GV522 Module
Gender and Leadership GV524 Module
German Politics GV383 Module
Government - Completion GV997 Module
Government - Research GV999 Module
Human Rights and Global Justice GV543 Module
Ideology and Political Discourse GV988 Module
Impact of Disease and Disaster GV420 Module
Institutions of Democracy GV121 Module
International Economic Development GV225 Module
International Organisations GV212 Module
International Political Economy GV314 Module
International Relations: Theories and Approaches GV214 Module
International Security Studies GV517 Module
Internet and Politics GV243 Module
Introduction to International Relations GV103 Module
Introduction to Israeli Politics GV525 Module
Introduction to Politics GV100 Module
Introduction to United States GV163 Module
Ma Dissertation GV993 Module
Measuring Public Opinion GV205 Module
Methods of Social Data Science GV223 Module
Migration, Politics and International Development GV554 Module
Mres Dissertation GV995 Module
Parliamentary Studies GV385 Module
Parties and Elections GV203 Module
Phd Seminar in Ideology and Discourse Analysis GV990 Module
Placement Year GV834 Module
Placement-Linked Project GV836 Module
Political Behaviour GV202 Module
Political Development in Sub-Saharan Africa GV241 Module
Political Economy GV307 Module
Political Economy GV907 Module
Political Economy of Development GV916 Module
Political Economy of International Development GV315 Module
Political Explanation GV900 Module
Political Institutions GV992 Module
Political Psychology GV505 Module
Political Theory GV908 Module
Politics and Economic Policies GV120 Module
Politics and Power GV150 Module
Politics of Modern China GV523 Module
Politics of Public Policy GV924 Module
Politics of South Asia GV526 Module
Principles of Social Justice GV250 Module
Professional Development Seminar GV994 Module
Public Opinion and Political Behaviour GV917 Module
Quantitative Political Analysis GV207 Module
Research Design GV976 Module
Research Design GV914 Module
Research Project: Politics GV831 Module
Research Seminar in Political Theory and Methods GV909 Module
Resilience to Disease and Disaster GV422 Module
Social Science Data Analysis: Year 2 GV602 Module
State Fragility, State Building and Conflict GV537 Module
Terrorism and Counterterrorism GV925 Module
Theories of International Relations GV902 Module
Theory and Explanation in Political Science GV958 Module
Thinking Like a Social Scientist GV110 Module
Truth, Justice, and the Nature of Politics GV151 Module
United States Politics GV963 Module
Violent Non State Actors: Violence, Crime and Conflict GV211 Module

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