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Advanced Macroeconomics EC994 Module
Advanced Microeconomics EC992 Module
Applications of Data Analysis EC969 Module
Applied Economics and Policy EC116 Module
Behavioural Economics I: Individual Decision Making EC909 Module
Behavioural Economics Ii: Games and Markets EC914 Module
Business Economics EC101 Module
Campus to Corporate EC118 Module
Career Skills in Economics EC123 Module
Cognitive Psychology and Economics EC956 Module
Computational Agent-Based Macro-Economics, Financial Markets and Policy Design EC913 Module
Computational Economics EC910 Module
Computational Market Microstructure for Fintech and the Digital Economy EC911 Module
Corporate Finance EC384 Module
Data Science for Economics EC915 Module
Dissertation EC984 Module
Dissertation EC981 Module
Dissertation EC985 Module
Econometric Methods EC501 Module
Econometric Methods EC352 Module
Economic Analysis of Asset Prices EC371 Module
Economic Development in a Global Perspective EC336 Module
Economic Development Theory EC902 Module
Economic Geography of Employment, Innovation and Trade EC367 Module
Economic Geography of Employment, Innovation and Trade EC932 Module
Economics - Completion EC998 Module
Economics - Research EC999 Module
Economics for Business EC100 Module
Economics of Banking EC906 Module
Economics of Corporate Finance EC248 Module
Economics of Financial Markets EC907 Module
Economics of Financial Markets and Intermediation EC372 Module
Economics of Incentives EC951 Module
Economics of Organisational Management EC262 Module
Economics of the European Union EC329 Module
Economics of Transition EC330 Module
Empirical Methods of Economics and Finance EC967 Module
Environmental Economics EC383 Module
Estimation and Inference in Econometrics EC966 Module
Experimental Economics EC955 Module
Experimental Methods in Economics EC387 Module
Expert Seminar Series on Economic Policy and Financial Regulation and Governance EC912 Module
Financial Instruments and Capital Markets EC247 Module
Game Theory and Applications EC943 Module
Historical Origins of Current Economic and Policy Issues EC390 Module
International Finance EC933 Module
International Financial Institutions and Policy EC245 Module
International Money and Finance EC368 Module
International Trade Institutions and Policy EC246 Module
Introduction to Behavioural Economics EC209 Module
Introduction to Econometric Methods EC252 Module
Introduction to Economics EC111 Module
Introduction to Health Economics and Policy EC386 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Economics EC114 Module
Introductory Econometrics EC452 Module
Introductory Macroeconomics EC401 Module
Introductory Microeconomics EC402 Module
Labour Economics EC363 Module
Lectures in Economic and Public Policy EC974 Module
Macroeconomics EC904 Module
Macroeconomics (Advanced) EC324 Module
Macroeconomics (Intermediate) EC201 Module
Management of New Technology EC261 Module
Market Structure and Strategic Behaviour EC366 Module
Mathematical Economics EC351 Module
Mathematical Methods EC511 Module
Mathematical Methods in Economics EC251 Module
Methods of Economic Analysis EC115 Module
Microeconometrics EC964 Module
Microeconomics EC903 Module
Microeconomics (Advanced) EC322 Module
Microeconomics (Intermediate) EC202 Module
Monetary Economics EC901 Module
Mres Econometrics EC466 Module
Mres Macroeconomics EC404 Module
Mres Microeconomics EC403 Module
Panel Data Methods EC968 Module
Placement Year EC650 Module
Political Economy EC905 Module
Poverty, Community and Development EC205 Module
Pre-Sessional Mathematics and Statistics (PG) EC997 Module
Professional Placement EC710 Module
Professional Placement (Autumn-Start) EC711 Module
Project: Economics EC831 Module
Public Economics EC355 Module
Public Policy Evaluation EC963 Module
Research Plan EC990 Module
Social Psychology and Economics EC957 Module
Strategies of Economic Development EC335 Module
Technological Change: Past, Present and Future Prospects EC203 Module
Theory of Industrial Organisation EC930 Module
Theory of Monopoly and Regulation EC365 Module
Time Series Econometrics EC965 Module
Topics in Applied Economics EC995 Module
Topics in Economic Theory EC993 Module
Topics in Financial Economics EC908 Module
Topics in Labour Economics EC944 Module
Topics in Macroeconomics EC991 Module
Trade and Development EC938 Module
Work-Based Project EC982 Module
World Economy in Historical Perspective EC120 Module

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