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Acting (International) (Loughton) BAW83A Course
Acting (International) (Loughton) MAW41212 Course
Acting (International) (Loughton) MFAW41220 Course
Acting (Loughton) MAW41012 Course
Acting (Loughton) BAW411 Course
Acting 2: Approaches to Text EA002 Module
Acting 3: Performance Projects EA003 Module
Acting and Audition Technique EA004 Module
Acting and Audition Technique EA178 Module
Acting and Community Theatre (Southend) BAW496 Course
Acting and Contemporary Theatre (Loughton) BAW441 Course
Acting and Physical Theatre (Southend) BAW494 Course
Acting and Stage Combat (Southend) BAW412 Course
Acting for Camera EA811 Module
Acting in English as a Second Language EA813 Module
Acting Technique EA601 Module
Acting Techniques 2 EA297 Module
Acting Techniques and Styles EA213 Module
Actor and Text EA133 Module
Actor and Text EA113 Module
Actor-Led Final Projects EA325 Module
Advanced Acting Methodology and Textual Studies EA401 Module
Advanced Acting, Methodology, Textual Studies, and Improvised Living History Project EA501 Module
Advanced Production Practice 6 (Technical Management) EA365 Module
Advanced Professional Theatre Practice (Loughton) MAW40E24 Course
Advanced Professional Theatre Practice (Loughton) MAW40E12 Course
Advanced Research Living History Project, Devising Project and Acting for Camera EA402 Module
Advanced Stage Combat EA808 Module
American Accent Intensive EA809 Module
Applied and Political Theatres EA371 Module
Applied Projects (Including Voice Over) for Acting in Recorded Media EA502 Module
Applied Skills EA200 Module
Applied Theatre Skills I: Consulting the Community EA241 Module
Applied Theatre Skills Ii: Developing the Community EA242 Module
Applied Theatre Skills Iii: Wellbeing, Social Care and Criminal Justice EA341 Module
Applied Theatre Skills Iv: Site-Specific and Web-Based Historical/Political Projects EA342 Module
Approaches to Contemporary Text EA804 Module
Approaches to Devised Theatre EA810 Module
Approaches to Shakespeare EA812 Module
Artistic Director EA431 Module
Arts Administration and Professional Development EA343 Module
Arts and Culture Industry Project EA545 Module
Arts and Culture Industry Study (Am4203) EA548 Module
Attachment (Assistant Director) EA429 Module
Audition Technique EA806 Module
Beckett and Pinter Tradition EA425 Module
Biomechanics and Physical Theatre EA615 Module
Brecht and His Influences EA422 Module
Business Management for Creative Enterprise (Am4001) EA530 Module
Cabaret and Improvisation EA324 Module
Character EA197 Module
Character and Scene Work EA602 Module
Circus in a Suitcase EA295 Module
Collaboration with Designers EA428 Module
Comedia Dell' Arte and Improvised Theatre EA120 Module
Comedy EA275 Module
Comedy and Farce EA432 Module
Commedia Dell'Arte and Working with Masks EA427 Module
Community Project EA345 Module
Community Theatre Arts Management EA243 Module
Contemporary British Drama EA420 Module
Contemporary Irish Theatre EA424 Module
Contemporary Theatre Practice (Th4004) EA538 Module
Contemporary UK Texts EA604 Module
Context EA143 Module
Context in Industry 3 - Professional Placement EA364 Module
Contextual and Community Studies EA119 Module
Contextual Studies EA156 Module
Contextual Studies EA354 Module
Contextual Studies EA344 Module
Contextual Studies EA506 Module
Contextual Studies EA407 Module
Contextual Studies EA246 Module
Contextual Studies EA008 Module
Contextual Studies 1 EA168 Module
Contextual Studies 2 EA266 Module
Contextual Studies I EA118 Module
Contextual Studies I EA196 Module
Contextual Studies II EA218 Module
Contextual Studies II EA256 Module
Contextual Studies II EA226 Module
Contextual Studies II EA296 Module
Contextual Studies III EA317 Module
Contextual Studies III EA327 Module
Creating Film and Theatre EA140 Module
Creating Film and Theatre 2 EA230 Module
Creative Industry Project (Am4015) EA531 Module
Creative Industry Study (Am4010) EA534 Module
Creative Producing (Theatre and Short Film) (Southend) BAW900 Course
Creative Project EA722 Module
Development of Acting Methodology EA211 Module
Devised Christmas Shows EA322 Module
Devised Project EA374 Module
Devising and Theatre Making EA219 Module
Digital Media EA142 Module
Digital Media 2 EA232 Module
Directing Contemporary United States Play Texts EA433 Module
Directing in Drama Schools/Universities EA430 Module
Dissertation EA725 Module
Dissertation EA337 Module
Dissertation (Ma) EA605 Module
Dissertation (Mfa) EA612 Module
Documentary EA707 Module
Documentary Project EA708 Module
Drama and Performance (Loughton) PHDW490PJ Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHDW49072 Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHDW490PJ Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHDW490FA Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) PHDW490FA Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) PHDW49036 Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHDW490PA Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) PHDW490PA Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) PHDW49072 Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) PHDW490FJ Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHDW49036 Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHW49024 Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHW49048 Course
Drama and Performance (Loughton) MPHDW490FJ Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHW49124 Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHDW491FJ Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) PHDW491PJ Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHDW491FA Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHDW49172 Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) PHDW49136 Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) PHDW491FA Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHDW491PJ Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) PHDW491FJ Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHW49148 Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHDW491PA Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) PHDW49172 Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) MPHDW49136 Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Loughton) PHDW491PA Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) PHDW491AS Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) PHDW491SJ Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) MPHDW4913S Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) PHDW491SA Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) MPHDW491SA Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) MPHDW491AS Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) MPHDW4917S Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) PHDW491JS Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) PHDW4917S Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) PHDW4913S Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) MPHDW491SJ Course
Drama and Performance (Practice as Research) (Southend) MPHDW491JS Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) MPHDW490SA Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) MPHDW4903S Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) PHDW4903S Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) PHDW490SA Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) MPHDW490AS Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) PHDW490JS Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) PHDW490SJ Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) MPHDW4907S Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) MPHDW490SJ Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) PHDW490AS Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) MPHDW490JS Course
Drama and Performance (Southend) PHDW4907S Course
Drama School Graduates Refresher EA909 Module
East 15 Acting School - Completion EA997 Module
East 15 Acting School - Research EA998 Module
East 15 Summer School - 0 Credit Course EA554 Module
East 15 Summer School - 10 Credit Course EA551 Module
East 15 Summer School - 15 Credit Course EA552 Module
East 15 Summer School - 20 Credit Course EA553 Module
East 15 Summer School - 5 Credit Course EA550 Module
Employability, Professional Preparation and Auditioning Technique EA328 Module
Ensemble Performance Project EA396 Module
Expressionism in Visual Theatre, Physical Theatre and in Text EA221 Module
Extension of Acting Methodology EA212 Module
Film EA329 Module
Film Project 1 EA710 Module
Film Project 2 EA711 Module
Film, Radio and Voiceover EA616 Module
Film-Making Practice and Advanced Film Analysis EA704 Module
Final Performance Project EA397 Module
Final Practical Project EA724 Module
Final Productions EA315 Module
Final Project EA712 Module
Final Year Skills Dissertation EA318 Module
Foundation Skills in Construction and Stage Craft EA165 Module
Foundation Skills in Lighting and Sound EA162 Module
Foundation Skills in Production Arts EA166 Module
Foundation Skills in Prop Making EA164 Module
Foundation Skills in Sound EA163 Module
Foundation Skills in Stage Management EA161 Module
Graduation Project EA355 Module
Human Comedy; Human Drama EA298 Module
Improvisation and Devising Techniques EA426 Module
Improvised Living History EA114 Module
Improvised Living History EA134 Module
Independent Directing Project EA435 Module
Independent Study EA610 Module
Industry in Context 1 EA198 Module
Industry in Context2 EA199 Module
Intercultural Performance Project EA372 Module
Intraculture Performance EA614 Module
Introduction to Acting EA801 Module
Introduction to Acting Theory, Methods and Practice, and Development From Self to Character EA131 Module
Introduction to Acting Theory, Methods and Practice, and Development From Self to Character EA111 Module
Introduction to Directing Film EA436 Module
Introduction to Film-Making EA701 Module
Introduction to Stage Combat EA807 Module
Issue-Led Theatre EA323 Module
Ma Dissertation By Director's Production Workbook EA445 Module
Ma Theatre Directing Written Dissertation EA444 Module
Market Communication for Arts and Culture (Am4201) EA546 Module
Market Communication in a Creative Economy (Am4002) EA535 Module
Mask EA193 Module
Mask EA273 Module
Media and Theatre Production Skills EA277 Module
Meyerhold and Biomechanics EA294 Module
Meyerhold and Biomechanics EA443 Module
Mfa Dissertation By Director's Production Workbook EA447 Module
Mfa Theatre Directing Dissertation By Practical Project EA448 Module
Mfa Theatre Directing Written Dissertation EA446 Module
Michael Chekhov and His Approach to Acting EA442 Module
Mime EA191 Module
Moscow Field Study EA611 Module
Movement EA504 Module
Movement EA405 Module
Movement for Acting EA175 Module
Movement for Theatre Arts EA005 Module
Movement I EA136 Module
Movement I EA116 Module
Movement II EA216 Module
Movement II EA224 Module
Music and Singing EA505 Module
Music and Singing EA406 Module
Music and Singing I EA117 Module
Music and Singing I EA137 Module
Music and Singing II EA225 Module
Music and Singing II EA217 Module
Music and World Performance EA174 Module
Music for Acting EA177 Module
Music Theatre EA440 Module
Narrative and Story Theatre EA192 Module
Narrative and Story-Telling EA001 Module
New Company Project EA333 Module
New Plays EA321 Module
New Plays Project EA330 Module
Non-Western Character Acting EA276 Module
Notions of Realism EA313 Module
Object Theatre EA293 Module
Performance and Theatre Skills (A) (Th4001) EA536 Module
Performance and Theatre Skills (B) (Th4002) EA539 Module
Performance of a Text EA394 Module
Performance Project EA508 Module
Performance Project EA409 Module
Performance Projects EA255 Module
Performance Projects EA352 Module
Performance Skills EA172 Module
Performance Skills 1: Contemporary Theatre (Th4101) EA540 Module
Performance Skills 2: Text and Style (Th4201) EA529 Module
Performance Skills I EA154 Module
Performance Skills II EA254 Module
Performance Theory and Practice EA721 Module
Physical Comedy EA227 Module
Physical Skills I EA153 Module
Physical Skills II EA253 Module
Physical Theatre EA421 Module
Physical Theatre Intensive Workshop EA805 Module
Playscript/Screenplay/Radioplay Project EA336 Module
Poor Theatre: At Work on Grotowski EA194 Module
Practical Project EA706 Module
Practical Project (Ma) EA606 Module
Practical Project (Mfa) EA613 Module
Practical Research Projects EA264 Module
Preparation for Postgraduate Study EA720 Module
Principles of Management for Arts Managers (Am4102) EA544 Module
Producing and Managing EA141 Module
Producing and Managing 2 EA231 Module
Producing and Managing 3 EA338 Module
Producing and Production Management EA703 Module
Production - Text and Technique EA311 Module
Production Documentation and Work Reflection (Th4003) EA537 Module
Production Practice 1 EA261 Module
Production Practice 2 EA262 Module
Production Practice 3 EA263 Module
Production Practice 4 EA361 Module
Production Practice 5 EA362 Module
Production Practice 6 EA363 Module
Production Skills EA170 Module
Professional Practice 1 EA265 Module
Professional Practice 1: Audition (Th4103) EA541 Module
Professional Practice 2: Entrepreneurial Artist (Th4203) EA542 Module
Professional Preparation EA373 Module
Professional Preparation EA395 Module
Professional Preparation and Audition Technique EA319 Module
Rehearsal and Workshop Techniques EA434 Module
Research Methodology (Am4000) EA532 Module
Ritual and Religious Performance EA271 Module
Screen and Radio EA314 Module
Set and Costume Design EA167 Module
Shakespeare EA439 Module
Shakespeare EA603 Module
Shakespeare and Elizabethan Verse Drama EA214 Module
Short Film Project EA331 Module
Singing for Theatre Arts EA007 Module
Site Specific Classics EA228 Module
Skills EA144 Module
Skills 2 EA233 Module
Skills for Film-Making EA702 Module
Skills I EA190 Module
Skills II EA290 Module
Skills III EA390 Module
Special Performance Skills EA245 Module
Specialised Performance Skills EA155 Module
Sporting Skills 1 EA152 Module
Sporting Skills II EA252 Module
Stage and Production Management (Loughton) BADKAS Course
Stage Combat I EA151 Module
Stage Combat II EA251 Module
Stage Combat in Practice and Performance EA351 Module
Stage Management Skills 1 EA169 Module
Stanislavskian Acting Methodology EA441 Module
Storytelling EA274 Module
Strategic Management for Arts and Culture Organisations (Am4202) EA547 Module
Strategic Management for Creative Industry (Am4005) EA533 Module
Studio Theatre Production EA403 Module
Teaching and Workshop Facilitation EA723 Module
Technical Theatre Skills EA244 Module
Techniques of Adaptation EA423 Module
Theatre Arts (Loughton) CERXW410 Course
Theatre Arts (Southend) CERXW410ST Course
Theatre Design Project EA335 Module
Theatre Directing (Loughton) MAW42012 Course
Theatre Directing (Loughton) MFAW42124 Course
Theatre History in a Global Context EA171 Module
Theatre Meets Film EA222 Module
Theatre of the East (Field Study Option) EA437 Module
Theatre Performance 1 EA607 Module
Theatre Performance 2 EA608 Module
Theatre Performance 3 EA609 Module
Theatre Tour Project EA332 Module
Theatre Workshop 1: Viewpoints (Th4102) EA549 Module
Theatre Workshop 2: Suzuki (Th4202) EA543 Module
Theatrical Appreciation EA353 Module
Verbatim Theatre and Contemporary Scene Study EA112 Module
Verbatim Theatre and Contemporary Scene Study EA132 Module
Visiting Artist EA272 Module
Voice EA404 Module
Voice EA503 Module
Voice for Acting EA176 Module
Voice for Theatre Arts EA006 Module
Voice I EA115 Module
Voice I EA135 Module
Voice II EA223 Module
Voice II EA215 Module
Voice, Movement, Music and Singing EA326 Module
Voice, Movement, Music and Singing EA316 Module
Work Placement Project EA334 Module
World Performance (Southend) BAW495 Course
World Theatre (Field Study Option) EA438 Module
World Theatre Studies EA173 Module
Written Dissertation EA408 Module
Written Dissertation EA507 Module
Written Dissertation EA705 Module

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