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Beyond the Ba: Skills for the Next Step CS712 Module
Crisis of the American Idea CS261 Module
Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism CS301 Module
Dangerous Ideas: Essays and Manifestos as Social Criticism CS305 Module
Doing Interdisciplinary Research for a Ba Dissertation: Approaches, Methods, Practice CS241 Module
Europe: Myth and Idea CS102 Module
Final Year Dissertation CS831 Module
Global Challenges in Interdisciplinary Perspective: Water Conflicts, Water Cultures CS315 Module
Interdisciplinary Ma Dissertation CS900 Module
Introduction to Contemporary Latin America CS141 Module
Introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean: History, Politics, Culture CS143 Module
Modern Revolutions in Science, Politics, and Culture CS101 Module
Navigating the Digital World CS220 Module
Placement Year CS703 Module
Skills for University Studies CS711 Module
Social Entrepreneurs, Sustainability and Community Action CS200 Module
World in Question: the Social, Cultural, Political & Environmental Legacies of the Enlightenment CS201 Module
World Transformed: the Enlightenment and its Critics CS111 Module

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