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Acting 1 CI412 Module
Acting 2 CI419 Module
Acting 3 CI425 Module
Action Research Project CI501 Module
Advanced Creative Production CI377 Module
Advanced Server Technologies CI204 Module
Advocacy CI209 Module
Anatomy and Physiology for the Workplace CI261 Module
Areas of Learning: Language, Literacy and Mathematical Development CI236 Module
Arranging and Conducting CI339 Module
Art and Design Development CI181 Module
Art and Design Specialist Project CI182 Module
Art, Design and Craft Analysis CI179 Module
Business Enviroment CI319 Module
Business Environment CI321 Module
Career Development CI444 Module
Careers in Music CI352 Module
Case Studies in Pop Music CI368 Module
Childhood in Society CI218 Module
Childrens Rights CI208 Module
Coaching Skills CI323 Module
Collaboration in Health and Soc CI276 Module
Comparative Approaches CI284 Module
Composition and Arranging CI378 Module
Computer Aided Design CI437 Module
Computer Architecture and Operating Systems CI191 Module
Conference and Events Management CI315 Module
Confirmation of 3D and Craft Practice CI169 Module
Confirmation of Fine Art Practice CI120 Module
Construction and Materials Technology CI478 Module
Construction Cad Studio CI464 Module
Construction Management Dissertation CI459 Module
Construction Mathematics CI477 Module
Contemporary Performance Techniques CI408 Module
Contemporary Photographic Contexts CI163 Module
Contextual Studies in Pop Music CI369 Module
Contract Practice and Administration CI457 Module
Corporate Management and Finance CI456 Module
Counselling Skills in Workplace CI268 Module
Creative Music Techniques CI344 Module
Creative Techniques CI290 Module
Creativity in Childrens Learning CI226 Module
Critical and Contextual Research CI154 Module
Critical Studies 1 CI415 Module
Critical Studies 2 CI422 Module
Critical Studies 3 (Capstone) CI426 Module
Dance 1 CI414 Module
Dance 2 CI417 Module
Dance 3 CI424 Module
Database Fundamentals CI190 Module
Demo Production CI374 Module
Design for E-Publishing CI149 Module
Developing Resources for Inclusive Practice CI499 Module
Development of Drawing Processes CI123 Module
Development of Fashion and Textiles Processes CI134 Module
Development of Fashion Construction CI137 Module
Development of Fine Art Processes CI118 Module
Development of Graphic Design Processes CI146 Module
Development of Textiles Boundaries CI136 Module
Developmental Research CI121 Module
Devising CI399 Module
Difference and Diversity in Early Years Settings CI220 Module
Digital Marketing - Strategy and Practice CI317 Module
Dissertation CI152 Module
Dissertation CI128 Module
Dissertation CI140 Module
Dissertation Level 6 CI167 Module
Dissertation Level H CI127 Module
Domestic Abuse CI234 Module
Drawing CI180 Module
Early Years Care and Education: Integrated Practice CI297 Module
Earning a Living in Music CI367 Module
Education Skills 1 (Communication Skills) CI487 Module
Educational Legislation CI489 Module
Effective Communication in Practice CI267 Module
Employability and Study Skills CI187 Module
Entering Employment CI388 Module
Entering Employment in the Media Industry CI362 Module
Equality and Diversity CI281 Module
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities CI311 Module
Ethics and Values CI256 Module
Event Planning CI440 Module
Exercise and Health CI320 Module
Exploration of Fashion and Textiles Practice CI130 Module
Exploration of Fine Art Practice CI114 Module
Exploring Clients Lives CI278 Module
Film Music in Context 2 CI354 Module
Film Music in Context 3 CI361 Module
Fine Art Photo-Media Practices CI122 Module
Fine Arts Sculpture Processes CI116 Module
Fitness to Practice CI282 Module
Fitness to Practice CI280 Module
Fitness to Practice 3 CI288 Module
Foley and Sound Design CI356 Module
Gender and Society CI270 Module
Health and Wellbeing CI300 Module
Health Issues in Childcare and Education CI223 Module
Health Safety and Welfare CI479 Module
History of Education in the United Kingdom CI492 Module
Holistic Approach to Child Development (0-8) CI213 Module
Human Growth and Development CI257 Module
Human Resource Management CI454 Module
Improvisation Workshop CI379 Module
Independent Learning Module CI294 Module
Independent Learning Module CI238 Module
Independent Record Project CI387 Module
Individual Project CI183 Module
Industrial Placement 2 CI434 Module
Industrial Placement 3 CI443 Module
Information and Communication Skills CI465 Module
Information Systems and Business Intelligence CI326 Module
Information Systems for E-Business CI185 Module
Instrument and Vocal Teaching Pop Music CI376 Module
Introduction to Counselling Practice CI277 Module
Introduction to Counselling Skills CI225 Module
Introduction to Digital Imaging and Manipulation CI145 Module
Introduction to Drawing Processes CI117 Module
Introduction to Fashion and Textiles Process CI129 Module
Introduction to Fashion Construction CI132 Module
Introduction to Fine Art Processes CI112 Module
Introduction to Graphic Design Processes CI141 Module
Introduction to Management Level C CI318 Module
Introduction to Personal Planning CI153 Module
Introduction to Photographic Processes CI156 Module
Introduction to Research Skills CI490 Module
Introduction to Sen/Specific Learning and Disability Needs (Sldn) CI488 Module
Introduction to Song Writing CI370 Module
Introduction to Technical Theatre Processes CI430 Module
Introduction to Textiles Application CI133 Module
Investigating Professional Practice CI358 Module
Investigation of Fashion and Textiles Practice CI135 Module
Investigation of Photographic Practice CI157 Module
Investment of 3D and Craft Practice CI175 Module
Investment of Graphic Design Practice CI142 Module
It and Maths for Business Level C 15 CI103 Module
It Infrastructure CI194 Module
It Project Management CI196 Module
Law and Ethics in Health and Society CI264 Module
Leading in Educational Organisation CI504 Module
Library Music CI364 Module
Library Music Portfolio CI382 Module
Lighting Design 2 CI436 Module
Lighting Installation and Operation 1 CI431 Module
Looked After Children and Young People CI273 Module
Loss and Bereavement CI289 Module
Loss in Health and Social Care CI265 Module
Major Project CI506 Module
Major Theatre Project CI407 Module
Management Supervision and Organisational Behaviour CI210 Module
Materials, Processes and Procedures CI178 Module
Measurement Practice CI452 Module
Mental Health CI266 Module
Mentoring and Coaching to Improve Educational Experiences CI505 Module
Movement for Actors CI393 Module
Movement for Actors 2 CI403 Module
Multimedia Performance Level H CI411 Module
Music and Assessment CI351 Module
Music Education Placement CI385 Module
Music in the Classroom CI384 Module
Music Leadership CI347 Module
Music Teaching in Practice CI346 Module
Music Technology for Music Teaching CI345 Module
Musical Skills and Development 1 CI371 Module
Musical Skills and Development 2 CI380 Module
Musical Skills and Development 3 CI390 Module
Musical Theatre Performance CI427 Module
Musicianship Skills 2 CI353 Module
Networks 1 CI189 Module
Networks 2 - Switching and Routing CI195 Module
Networks 3 Scaling and Networks CI201 Module
Networks IV Connecting Networks CI206 Module
Outdoor Play - the Root of Learning CI221 Module
Pan European Childcare and Education CI207 Module
Partnership Working CI235 Module
Performance Development Project CI401 Module
Performance Project CI383 Module
Performance Studies 1 CI338 Module
Performance Studies 2 CI343 Module
Performance Studies 3 CI381 Module
Person Centred Theory CI279 Module
Personal Development Planning CI159 Module
Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives on Learning in the Early Years CI227 Module
Photography for Advertising CI155 Module
Physical Theatre CI404 Module
Physical Theatre CI394 Module
Planning and Delivering in the Early Years Curriculum CI224 Module
Play, the Curriculum and the Developing Child CI222 Module
Principles of Learning and Teaching CI341 Module
Principles of Management CI450 Module
Procurement, Tendering and Estimating CI458 Module
Production Management CI442 Module
Production of Buildings CI449 Module
Production of Graphic Design Practice CI151 Module
Professional Development Planning CI165 Module
Professional Development Through Research CI254 Module
Professional Fashion and Textiles Practice CI139 Module
Professional Fine Art Practice CI126 Module
Professional Photographic Practice CI166 Module
Professional Practice CI329 Module
Professional Practice CI287 Module
Professional Preparation and Showcase CI409 Module
Professional Supervision CI285 Module
Project Analysis and App CI469 Module
Project Management CI471 Module
Project Preparation CI184 Module
Project Realisation CI350 Module
Promoting Health in Care Practice CI263 Module
Recording and Digital Production Technology CI372 Module
Refinement of Fashion and Textiles Processes CI138 Module
Refinement of Fine Art Processes CI124 Module
Refinement Photographic Processes CI164 Module
Research and Study Skills CI217 Module
Research Appreciation CI283 Module
Research Appreciation and Critiquing CI269 Module
Research Methodology CI503 Module
Research Project CI360 Module
Research Project CI391 Module
Research Project 1 CI493 Module
Research Skills CI455 Module
Rhythm Workshop CI342 Module
Rock, Pop and Related Genres CI375 Module
Safeguarding and Risk in Health and Care Work CI262 Module
Safeguarding Children CI216 Module
Scenic Construction and Painting CI432 Module
Scenic Design CI438 Module
Script Writing CI402 Module
Secure Systems CI202 Module
Self-Employed Musician CI373 Module
Singing 1 CI413 Module
Singing 2 CI421 Module
Singing 3 CI423 Module
Site Management Practice CI468 Module
Social and Political Context of Health and Social Care CI258 Module
Software Development CI188 Module
Software Development 2 CI200 Module
Sound Design and Operation CI428 Module
Sound Design and Operation 2 CI439 Module
Sound Design Portfolio CI363 Module
Specialist Photography Project 1 CI158 Module
Specialist Technical Theatre Practice CI445 Module
Sports Development CI322 Module
Stage Management Processes CI429 Module
Storytelling CI410 Module
Strategic Hr Management CI316 Module
Study Skills CI486 Module
Study Skills for Technical Theatre CI433 Module
Style, Analysis and Composition CI340 Module
Supervision Models Process and Practice CI272 Module
Supply Chain Management CI470 Module
Surround Sound CI365 Module
Surveying Processes CI463 Module
System and Network Management CI197 Module
Systems Support CI193 Module
Technical Theatre Practice I CI435 Module
Theories and Principles in Pedagogy CI498 Module
Theory and Practice for Acting CI392 Module
Undergraduate Dissertation CI275 Module
Undergraduate Dissertation CI212 Module
Vocal Arranging CI357 Module
Voice CI395 Module
Voice and Speech CI398 Module
Web 1 CI186 Module
Web 2 CI192 Module
Web 3 Secure Web Applications CI198 Module
Web 4 CI205 Module
Web Based Media CI161 Module
Wider Professional Practice in Education and Training CI500 Module
Work Based Learning CI102 Module
Work Based Learning 2 CI295 Module
Work Based Project 2 CI451 Module
Work Experience as a Resource for Learning: Integrated Practice CI232 Module
Work-Based Learning (To Include a Placement) CI199 Module
Work-Based Project 1 CI466 Module
Working with Children and Young People CI291 Module
Workshops in Music CI386 Module
Youth and Crime CI274 Module

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