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Accredited Prior (Experiential) Learning (15 Credits, Level 7) CE407 Module
Accredited Prior (Experiential) Learning (30 Credits, Level 7) CE408 Module
Advanced Embedded Systems Design CE323 Module
Advanced Embedded Systems Design CE860 Module
Advanced Programming CE303 Module
Advanced Relational and Object-Oriented Databases CE833 Module
Algorithmic Game Theory CE322 Module
an Approachable Introduction to Data Science CE882 Module
an Approachable Introduction to Data Science CE880 Module
an Approachable Introduction to Programming CE157 Module
an Approachable Introduction to Programming CE156 Module
Analogue Circuit Design CE263 Module
Analogue Circuit Design CE268 Module
Analysis and Classification of Neural Signals CE345 Module
Application Programming CE203 Module
Artificial Intelligence CE213 Module
Audio Electronic Systems and Design CE336 Module
Brain-Computer Interfaces and Peripheral-Neural Interfaces CE246 Module
C Programming and Embedded Systems CE243 Module
C++ Programming CE221 Module
Computer and Data Networks CE231 Module
Computer Game Design CE217 Module
Computer Game Programming CE218 Module
Computer Networks CE232 Module
Computer Security CE708 Module
Computer Security CE235 Module
Computer Systems Engineering Project and Industrial Practice CE241 Module
Computer Vision CE316 Module
Computer Vision CE866 Module
Computing and Electronic Systems - Completion CE998 Module
Computing and Electronic Systems - Research CE999 Module
Control Theory and Practice CE269 Module
Converged Networks and Services CE709 Module
Data Science and Decision Making CE888 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms CE204 Module
Databases and Information Retrieval CE205 Module
Digital and Technology Solutions End-Point Project CE612 Module
Digital Communications CE702 Module
Digital Electronic Systems CE162 Module
Digital Signal Processing CE335 Module
Digital Systems Design CE264 Module
Directed Studies CE891 Module
Directed Studies CE892 Module
Electronic System Design and Integration CE721 Module
Engineering Electromagnetics CE266 Module
Engineering Mathematics CE262 Module
Engineering Mathematics CE267 Module
Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Programming CE310 Module
Formal Methods CE304 Module
Foundations of Electronics I CE163 Module
Foundations of Electronics II CE164 Module
Fundamentals of Digital Systems CE161 Module
Game Artificial Intelligence CE811 Module
Game Design CE810 Module
Group Project CE903 Module
Group Project (Incorporating a Game Jam) CE913 Module
Group Project and Industrial Practice CE201 Module
Group Project with Industrial Practice CE722 Module
High Level Digital Design CE339 Module
High Level Logic Design CE869 Module
High-Level Games Development CE318 Module
High-Level Games Development CE818 Module
Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience (Ux) Design and Information Visualisation CE206 Module
Ict Systems Integration and Management CE219 Module
Ict Systems Integration and Management CE719 Module
Individual Capstone Project Challenge CE301 Module
Individual Interdisciplinary Project CE302 Module
Individual Project CE905 Module
Individual Project CE601 Module
Information Retrieval CE306 Module
Information Retrieval CE706 Module
Intelligent Agents CE313 Module
Intelligent Systems and Robotics CE801 Module
Internet of Things Technology CE713 Module
Internship Portfolio CE307 Module
Internship Portfolio CE360 Module
Intro to Programming with C CE150 Module
Introduction to Data Science CE207 Module
Introduction to Databases CE153 Module
Introduction to Programming CE151 Module
Introduction to Programming and Databases CE520 Module
Introduction to Programming for Data Science and Ai CE521 Module
Introduction to Programming in Python CE705 Module
Introduction to Web Programming CE714 Module
Ip Networking and Applications CE707 Module
Languages and Compilers CE305 Module
Large Scale Software Systems and Extreme Programming CE320 Module
Machine Learning CE326 Module
Machine Learning CE802 Module
Mathematical Research Techniques Using Matlab CE885 Module
Mathematics for Computing CE141 Module
Mathematics for Electronics and Telecommunications CE166 Module
Mathematics for Engineers CE142 Module
Mechatronic Design CE325 Module
Mobile and Social Application Programming CE881 Module
Mobile Communications CE740 Module
Mobile Robotics CE315 Module
MSc Industry Based Project and Dissertation CE911 Module
MSc Project and Dissertation CE901 Module
Multimedia Coding and Communication CE809 Module
Natural Language Engineering CE887 Module
Natural Language Engineering CE314 Module
Network Engineering CE321 Module
Network Fundamentals CE169 Module
Network Fundamentals CE155 Module
Network Security CE823 Module
Network Security CE324 Module
Networking Principles CE703 Module
Neural Engineering Research Methods CE171 Module
Neural Networks and Deep Learning CE889 Module
Neuroimaging and Brain Stimulation Technologies CE225 Module
Object Orientated Programming with Java CE715 Module
Object-Oriented Programming CE152 Module
Operating Systems CE222 Module
Physics-Based Games CE812 Module
Placement Year CE300 Module
Professional Practice and Research Methodology CE902 Module
Programming Embedded Systems CE865 Module
Robotics CE215 Module
Sensors and Actuators CE216 Module
Signal Processing CE223 Module
Signal Processing CE331 Module
Software Engineering CE202 Module
Team Project Challenge CE101 Module
Team Project Challenge CE165 Module
Team Project Challenge (Cs) CE291 Module
Team Project Challenge (Cse) CE292 Module
Team Project Challenge (Ee) CE293 Module
Team Project Challenge (Wbl) CE299 Module
Telecommunication Networks and Systems CE334 Module
Telecommunication Principles CE265 Module
Telecommunication Principles CE330 Module
Text Analytics CE807 Module
Theory of Signals and Communication Systems CE701 Module
Virtual Worlds CE817 Module
Virtual Worlds CE317 Module
Web Application Programming CE212 Module
Web Development CE154 Module
Work-Based Project CE904 Module

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