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Accounting and Finance BE882 Module
Accounting and Finance for Managers BE167 Module
Accounting Project BE936 Module
Advanced Management Accounting BE131 Module
Advertising BE563 Module
Alternative Investments BE633 Module
Applied Statistics and Forecasting BE279 Module
Applying E-Commerce in Business BE114 Module
Asset Pricing BE352 Module
Audit Principles and Practice BE120 Module
Auditing BE132 Module
Bank Strategy and Risk BE651 Module
Behavioural Finance BE335 Module
Behavioural Finance BE357 Module
Brand Management BE440 Module
Business Analytics for Managers and Entrepreneurs BE277 Module
Business and International Development BE422 Module
Business Creation and Growth BE200 Module
Business Economics BE201 Module
Business Ethics BE439 Module
Business Model Innovation BE247 Module
Business Planning BE884 Module
Business Report BE967 Module
Business Research BE851 Module
Business Research Methods BE218 Module
Business Strategy BE431 Module
Business Strategy BE441 Module
Business-To-Business Marketing BE514 Module
Career Skills in Business BE920 Module
Cases in Corporate Governance BE156 Module
Change, Creativity and Innovation BE492 Module
Communication and Intercultural Skills BE241 Module
Comprehensive Business Plan BE956 Module
Consulting to Organisations: Depth Psychology Approaches BE872 Module
Consumer Behaviour BE516 Module
Consumer Behaviour BE515 Module
Consumer Behaviour BE555 Module
Contemporary Issues in Hrm BE470 Module
Cooperative Management and Marketing – Capstone Module BE940 Module
Corporate and Investment Banking Services BE634 Module
Corporate Communications BE490 Module
Corporate Finance BE350 Module
Corporate Finance BE311 Module
Corporate Governance BE139 Module
Corporate Marketing Strategy BE558 Module
Corporate Reporting and Analysis BE161 Module
Creating and Growing a New Business Venture BE244 Module
Creating and Managing the New and Entrepreneurial Organisation BE253 Module
Critical Debates in Accounting BE133 Module
Critical Marketing BE550 Module
Critical Marketing Perspectives BE530 Module
Current Issues in Financial Reporting BE130 Module
Data Analysis: Cross Sectional, Panel and Qualitative Data Methods BE369 Module
Data Analytics in Finance BE367 Module
Data and Analytics BE883 Module
Derivative Securities BE351 Module
Developing a Business Plan BE869 Module
Development Finance and Microcredit BE339 Module
Digital Marketing and Social Media BE559 Module
Digital Marketing and Social Media BE518 Module
Digital Marketing and Social Media BE534 Module
Director's Workshops BE860 Module
Dissertation BE984 Module
Dissertation BE988 Module
Dissertation BE987 Module
Dissertation BE986 Module
EBS Integrated Programmes: Dissertation BE983 Module
Elements of Corporate and Business Law BE116 Module
Empirical Finance BE333 Module
Equality and Diversity BE480 Module
Essex Business School - Completion BE998 Module
Essex Business School - Research BE999 Module
Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility BE467 Module
Finance Research Project BE937 Module
Finance Research Techniques Using Matlab BE368 Module
Financial Analysis and Decision Making BE283 Module
Financial Crashes and Consequences BE432 Module
Financial Decision Making BE162 Module
Financial Intermediaries, Instruments and Markets BE317 Module
Financial Management BE329 Module
Financial Markets and Monetary Policy BE334 Module
Financial Modelling BE356 Module
Financial Modelling BE314 Module
Financial Reporting and Analysis BE110 Module
Financial Technology and Innovation (Fintech) BE370 Module
Fixed Income Securities BE362 Module
Foundations of Management and Marketing BE472 Module
Global Logistics Management BE428 Module
Global Project Management BE750 Module
Global Supply Chain and Operations Management BE275 Module
Human Resource Management BE433 Module
Human Resource Management BE475 Module
In-Site Workshop Series BE961 Module
Independent Research Project: Management/Marketing BE939 Module
Independent Study Project: Management/Marketing BE938 Module
Industry Expert Lectures in Finance BE653 Module
Innovation & Entrepreneurship for New Business Models BE853 Module
Innovation & Entrepreneurship for New Business Models: Innovation Project BE893 Module
Innovation Management BE273 Module
International Accounting BE134 Module
International Banking BE632 Module
International Business and Strategy BE268 Module
International Business Environment BE217 Module
International Business Environment BE413 Module
International Business Environment BE267 Module
International Business Plan BE958 Module
International Business Strategies BE216 Module
International Employment Relations BE478 Module
International Finance BE630 Module
International Financial Reporting BE155 Module
International Human Resource Management BE479 Module
International Human Resource Management BE462 Module
International Human Resource Management BE443 Module
International Management BE489 Module
International Management Accounting BE154 Module
International Marketing Plan BE957 Module
International Marketing Strategy and Planning BE552 Module
Internationalisation of the Services Sector BE222 Module
Introduction to Accounting BE100 Module
Introduction to Accounting and Finance BE101 Module
Introduction to Banking BE610 Module
Introduction to Consumer Behaviour BE519 Module
Introduction to Finance BE302 Module
Introduction to International Business BE202 Module
Introduction to Management and Marketing BE400 Module
Introduction to Quantitative Analysis BE301 Module
Introduction to Tourism Management BE221 Module
Issues in Financial Reporting BE150 Module
Leadership in Organisations BE420 Module
Leading Change BE493 Module
Leading with Impact BE875 Module
Learning and Talent Development BE487 Module
Logistics and Supply Chain Planning and Control BE282 Module
Management Accounting BE151 Module
Management Accounting I BE111 Module
Management Accounting II BE113 Module
Management and Organisational Behaviour BE450 Module
Management and Strategy BE485 Module
Management and the Cultural Industries BE418 Module
Management of Innovation and Organizational Change BE885 Module
Management Psychology BE455 Module
Management Psychology BE434 Module
Management Science: Optimisation Methods BE281 Module
Management, Innovation and New Technology BE437 Module
Management, Society and New Forms of Work BE435 Module
Management: Principles and Practices BE464 Module
Managerial Economics BE274 Module
Managing Across Cultures BE469 Module
Managing Innovation BE211 Module
Managing Innovation and Technology BE447 Module
Managing Organisational Change BE482 Module
Marketing and Innovation BE562 Module
Marketing Communications BE531 Module
Marketing Management BE511 Module
Markets, Governance and Ethics BE877 Module
Mba Project BE850 Module
Modern Banking BE650 Module
MSc Finance and Investment: Dissertation BE982 Module
Msc/Ma Dissertation BE981 Module
Operations and Supply Chain Management BE488 Module
Operations and Supply Chain Management BE411 Module
Options and Futures BE332 Module
Organisation and Leadership in a Globalised World BE460 Module
Organisational Behaviour BE410 Module
Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management BE486 Module
Organisational Behaviour and Management BE417 Module
Organisational Identities BE494 Module
People and Organisations BE865 Module
Personality and Work: a Myers-Briggs Perspective BE484 Module
Personality Differences At Work: a Myers-Briggs Perspective BE421 Module
Perspectives on Marketing BE557 Module
Philosophies of Research and Advanced Qualitative Research Methods BE968 Module
Portfolio Analysis BE313 Module
Portfolio Management BE354 Module
Postgraduate Mathematics Preparation BE399 Module
Pricing of Securities in Financial Markets BE331 Module
Principles of International Marketing BE553 Module
Principles of Markets, Marketing and Selling BE500 Module
Principles of Operations and Supply Chain Management BE424 Module
Professional and Academic Development BE905 Module
Professional and Academic Development 2 BE906 Module
Professional Placement BE751 Module
Quantitative Foundations of Finance BE312 Module
Quantitative Methods and Finance BE300 Module
Research and Study Skills for Professional Development BE901 Module
Research Evaluation BE950 Module
Research Methods BE955 Module
Research Methods in Accounting BE951 Module
Research Methods in Finance: Empirical Methods in Finance BE953 Module
Research Methods in Human Resource Management BE966 Module
Research Methods in Management and Marketing BE965 Module
Research Methods in Management and Marketing BE425 Module
Research Methods in Management and Marketing Studies BE969 Module
Research Portfolio BE985 Module
Research Project - International Business and Entrepreneurship BE934 Module
Research Project - International Business and Finance BE941 Module
Research Project - Marketing BE933 Module
Research Project - Tourism Management BE935 Module
Research Project : Business Administration BE932 Module
Retail Management BE426 Module
Risk Management BE361 Module
Risk Management and Financial Institutions BE631 Module
Services Marketing BE513 Module
Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Impact BE876 Module
Strategic Brand Marketing BE554 Module
Strategic Entrepreneurship BE220 Module
Strategic Management BE284 Module
Strategic Management Accounting BE141 Module
Strategic Marketing BE880 Module
Strategy BE857 Module
Student Success Tutorial BE916 Module
Student Success Tutorial BE917 Module
Successful Futures BE910 Module
Supply Chain Management BE874 Module
Supply Chain Management BE260 Module
Sustainable Operations BE881 Module
Taxation Policy and Practice BE142 Module
Theories and Practice of Entrepreneurship BE250 Module
Tourism Marketing BE246 Module
Tourism Operations BE245 Module
Trading Global Financial Markets BE364 Module
Understanding Organisational Change BE491 Module
Work-Based Placement BE731 Module
Work-Based Project BE964 Module

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